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 Adventure to Nebraskar

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PostSubject: Adventure to Nebraskar   02.09.11 13:23

Morning came, and we were all getting ready and all that jazz.

My parents both started to bitch at me for numerous things, such as like how I didn't take the trash out that was sitting on the front porch. My argument/side was the question of why the fuck was the trash sitting on the porch in the first place when the trash can is on the curb, to which my mom's response was that she wasn't properly dressed to take it out, etc..

I don't know why they would have thought that it was my job to finish something they started.


Things intensified to the point where I outright refused to go on the trip, going as far as to chew my mom out for more or less being a dick (without that terminology) and that the trip wouldn't be any fun with her yelling at people for little things the entire damn way up to Nebraska. Her response was (not a joke by the way) shut up and get in the truck.

A few moments later with me almost breaking my step-grandfather's truck's rear door out of that rage I seem to have, we leave. My mom appologizes to me before we exit the city, and the trip to Nebraska was decent, without foul words being exchanged at all.

Good start, don't you think?

So we drive up there, and I come to realize something....more like reinforce a previously known fact....my step-grandfather cannot drive. Don't get me wrong. He CAN drive, but it's a little bit crazy. Whether he's going way too fast (like accelerating like a racecar driver at every stop light, once it turns green), or nearly driving off the highway every three minutes, yeah.

Went to the aeronautics museum somewhere idk. It was small (not really, but it seemed small) and pretty damn boring (I expected it to be at least a little fun, but meh, planes are just planes, you know). I wanted to take pictures, but my retarded ass phone denied the charge I gave it the night before, so it died before I could get pictures of the inside. However, I got pictures of the outside. We then continued to our other destination.

Once we got there, we went to a Best Western hotel, same one we went to last time we were up there actually, and unpacked our stuff. First room smelled like sewer gas, and after a bit of stuff, we got another one. Hotel had a pool, little exercise area, free continental breakfast, hot tub, etc. No, it's not quite as nice as you're picturing it, but don't get me wrong, it was still good.

So we went to the zoo the next day, and I will skip fine details and save them for the pictures considering the fact that it took us two days to go through it. Went to an Imax movie at said zoo, in which I -for some unknown reason- kept dozing off in (it was some documentary about caves). They had a biosphere (area sealed in by a giant glass bubble to preserve whatever) and stuff.

Long story short:

Saw miniature desert

Saw miniature rain forest

Rode train

Rode tram (or shuttle)

Rode sky lift (FUCK NO, I'll explain it later)

Saw animals. lol.

Fed Budgies =D

Poked a big fluffy chicken (I was going to grab it, but whenever I was near it, it went into a hole in the wall)

Went into a pretty big aquarium (as in, it was a tunnel with the aquarium around you)

Went through an artificial swamp (there was a wooden walkway over the 'swamp')

Artificial cave

Pictures and video can explain better than I can, so I'll let them do it (in a different post)

So the days go by and stuff.

We notice a German restaraunt listed in the eateries around, so we find it and eat there. The appetizer roll, salad, and potato salad, were very good. The main course was a disappointment.

Went to some Italian place too. Some buffet or something. They were good, but omg, I made a mistake by trying what I didn't know to be sweet potato fries. Disgusting.

Surprisingly, I only saw a little corn, and that was only on the initial trip over there.

Went to walmart a couple times. Both times, there was a group of foreigners. First group was some form of Asian, the other walmart had Africans or something like them. Black people who are not from the US. Regardless. Also, there was a tampon laying on the floor in front of the milk in the first walmart.


We head home. Turns out that with the recent flooding, the highway(s) we needed to go on to get home, were blocked. During the search for a way home, the idea that my step-grandfather is a bad driver was enforced over and over again with the feeling that I might die coming up every 5 minutes. Nearly went off the road a number of times I lost track of, ALMOST hit a semi head-on, because SOMEBODY felt that they needed to pass a truck in front of us. Ended up swerving to miss said semi, kinda surprised that we didn't roll considering just how sharp the swerve was.

Hit a tire in the road. Yes, a tire. Some retards left a tire in the middle of the road.

Hit an owl :/ ...it was sitting in the middle of the road and didn't decide to move until the last minute and we ended up glancing it. Kind of surprised that we didn't get blood on the truck.

Needless to say, I was pretty pissed off that we let him drive, out of all the people in the truck.

Went to a gas station where I got a lottery ticket and won $2, which I then used to get a couple more tickets, which were losing tickets.

Finally got pointed in the right direction after everyone in the car fought for awhile over the retarded GPSs being right or not (they were wrong almost all the time, but my step-father thought his was right, naturally, being the phone-junkie that he is.), and such.

All in all, a 3 hour trip turned into a 5 hour trip.


Also, I couldn't help but feel my prejudice toward country people come out during the trip. The state was boring and lackluster. However, several places we went to were very modern and nice looking. Though, every time we went in these places, there were stereotypically dressed country FOLKS hicking it up in said places. Seemed almost comically out of place.

Oh, and the girl that checked us out at one of the walmarts (the cashier), yeah, she had a mustache and partial beard, lolz. Couldn't have been more than 20 years old.

So, all in all, it was an alright trip. Not bad, kind of irritating at times.

My parting message shall be this:

Damned hicks.

Sasha Blause:
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PostSubject: Re: Adventure to Nebraskar   02.09.11 15:27

Lol sounds like you had an interesting trip all in all XD
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Adventure to Nebraskar
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