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 What happened to IDR news?

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PostSubject: What happened to IDR news?   25.08.11 2:11

Recently, Sam, aka "Banvora Ascernia" created a newscast to report the happenings of IDR to its frequent users. What became of this newscast? Why did it suddenly stop? Could it be that Sam no longer takes interest in it? ...or perhaps it has merely been forgotten.

What ever the case may be, the reporting has come to a standstill. Reports lay untouched, ready to be displayed at the drop of a hat, but they remain frozen in time due to a lack of direction from the newscast leader. It is speculated that Sam will not like this writer's interpretation of the situation, or the noting of his apparent lack of enthusiasm for his own project, but this writer would prefer not to let the IDR news die, but rather to keep it running.

I believe "dedication" was a requirement when joining the IDR news team, and in such, this writer shall write even when not directed to do so. In this case, because of the apparent lack of activity in this news section.

As for what will happen next, I suppose we all shall see.

I'd say "this has been TS", but you all know who I am, due to the name displayed beside this post, and it would therefore be tacky to state so.


Sasha Blause:
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PostSubject: Re: What happened to IDR news?   25.08.11 9:41

Nexty time instead of jumping to conclusions, maybe you should message me and ask me to do things BEFORE jumping to conclusions. I have a life TS, I go to school, i have meetings, and lets not forget that I'm writing a book with Darian Twilight. It's not like I truly have the time right now.

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What happened to IDR news?
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