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 4. Lore.

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PostSubject: 4. Lore.   20.08.11 21:05

This is just a character I thought up for a game called League of Legends. Figured I would share the lore here.

Role: Support/Mage

Lore: Born and destined to become the greatest psychic mind in all of Noxus, Le'Zure would have been an important character alongside her sister LeBlanc due to their unique power and traits. Though both sisters worked well as a team, things weren't always as it seems. Both were jealous of each other and strived to take and use the other's power against them during most of their childhood. Though most of these conflicts were of child's play and tricks, their strife became official as many innocent bystanders witnessed the horrible fight to the death between the two sisters in the middle of a Noxian square. Both were contained and settled until a fateful day approached. The Day of Exile.

A duel. A duel between the two sisters will determine and seal one's fate. One would remain the same inside Noxian borders, and one would be exiled away with no further communication or transportation back to the city of Noxus. Though the battle itself was not long, it felt like an eternity. After a quick slash from her mysterious blade, Le'Zure had apparently 'defeated' her sister LeBlanc as she kneeled down in front of her in defeat with tears slowly shedding down. Though Le'Zure had 'won', she made the foolish decision to cry and care for her older sister. Not only did her protective care and love towards LeBlanc silenced most watchers, but continued the duel with a turning point. LeBlanc reacted back with a sudden smirk and defeated her sister by decieving-means in a matter of seconds. A laugh was the last Le'Zure heard at the end of that fateful day before she was dragged out of Noxus. And that laugh showed Le'Zure that her sister never cared for her in her entire life.

After her defeat and sudden exile, Le'Zure traveled to the only city she had known of all other than Noxus. Demacia. The name of the city that her family raised her to avoid at all times. With a hooded disguise and a new goal, Le'Zure started a new life in Demacian rule and had already been assigned to help the Demacian military with her unique clairvoyance. After a few years of military service, Le'Zure had seen word and took research into action about a certain organization: The League of Legends. Though the League was created to balance political conflicts in all of Valoran, Le'Zure had a different motivation. She quickly made her way to the League, representing Demacia alongside her comrades and trailed out to find her two-faced sister. Both knew they would be out for each other, but one with clairvoyance knew the other's every motive.

These are just spells for the character, you can look at these if you want.

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4. Lore.
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