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 linked between worlds?

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PostSubject: linked between worlds?   19.08.11 10:26

oddly I dreamt of watching a movie that does not exist. But it was rather good and interesting. The main character was a woman who was rather slender in figure. The odd thing was that there were two of her. Not in the same room, or even in the same plane of existence, but they both were connected somehow and both performed the exact same actions at the exact same time. They both knew of eachother and could feel whatever the other felt. Sometimes they would talk to eachother. It was interesting. One lived in a more modern era like our own, the other in a more feudal place, even having creatures of other races, and monsters.

There was only one scene that mattered though.

For the one that lived in our existence, her boyfriend came up behind her and began to kiss her, bending her head back gently. For the other, a large rather humanoid monster, who was rather ugly, grabbed the other forcefully and pulled her head back roughly shoving it's disgusting tongue down her throat. Of course due to the latter's situation they both began to struggle and even cry a bit. thing was, the large creature had some blood on it's hands already. When they both broke free for a moment they both puked. What happened next was rather awful for both of them, The monster reached out in front of the one of them and put a claw to her eyes... he gouged them out, both of them feeling and seeing this happen.

I believe it skipped to a bit later after that, but nothing of real importance happened, I think one of them was in an asylum for a while.

Also in the dream, I saw my cat sydney covered in snow, and it was really really damn cute. That's about it.

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linked between worlds?
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