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 dreaming for hours.

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PostSubject: dreaming for hours.   17.08.11 9:58

okay, I can't remember where the dreams started anymore, only that I thought it was real life, so I will start at the end.

I ended up sitting down and watching some show on DVD, it seemed to be a rather odd sit com. The main characters had gotten screwed by some criminal and were sold to some slave trader guy. They were all bound in chains and let sleep on the ground. The only female of the group was laying on two guys instead of the ground. (everyone was wearing cloths), one of the two guyus was kinda weird... he smelled her hair... Anyway, there was another group of two guys tied together, some scrawny loudmouth guy and a really big guy. Scrawny loudmouth guy was mouthing off when big guy got an arm free and grabbed him. Then they started to escape together.

I recall the slave trader guys asking the 'mew slaves' one rather odd and funny question, "you are walking down a path and see a bear and a tiger. CHOOSE ONE1 Bear or tiger!" Sssssssooooooooooo.

before That I was up and walking around, I recall remembering something about 'dine and dashing' or whatever. I guess I decided to just pay for my meal, though it was overpriced. Then I headed out to watch the mentioned show.

I thought I would remember more if I went backwards... all I unfortunately remember... is that this is less than a tenth of what I actually dreamed... I'm sorry.

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dreaming for hours.
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