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 Halo 2 T-rex

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PostSubject: Halo 2 T-rex    31.07.11 15:03

All I can really remember is that the dream started off in my living room (but it wasn't actually my living room irl, it was different) and my stepdad was playing Halo 2 for some reason, doing some tests or something, idk....which is odd because he doesn't and has never done that in real life.

Either way

I start playing the game with him and it's a slayer game (deathmatch) and we're in this giant mansion/hotel/building of some sort that has basically this big open area where you can see two levels of the building (basically a foyer minus the stairs) and it has some house plants and whatnot...there may have been a fake waterfall too. Either way, I start running forward on the upper level with the open area to my right, and I notice a bunch of really big doors on the walls, all around. Suddenly, a weird, mutated T-rex bursts through the door directly to my left and owns my stepdad and I. We respawn and I'm freaking out a little as this enormous mofo starts coming after me. I start jumping randomly towards the edge of the balcony/walkway, and jump off just before I get my ass bitten off. I run away, just to turn around and see it jump off and crash through some decorative walls/whatever in front of the walkway (with really nice detail mind you, I could see dust and chunks of debris flying all over). But yeah, that's basically it. I get eaten some, respawn, run, etc.

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Halo 2 T-rex
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