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PostSubject: Film   26.07.11 12:23

This dream wasn't as short as I'm making it sound, it was just uneventful.

For whatever reason, I'm walking around the main two rooms of this house. There are two other people there, both women. I don't know either of them particularly well in the dream, but I know them well enough to be there apparently. There's a little bit of dream-skipping that involved me looking in the refridgerator and perhaps eating something.

So I'm back in the main room (living room), and one of the women approaches me and askes if I want to do something. Either I can't remember what she asked me, or I never heard it to begin with, but involved being in a movie she was directing. Apparently this house was being used in the movie, and the other girl was supposed to be the main character or something.

I said yes to being in the movie.

For some reason, the part I was in involved a bed, that happened to be in the room that was sharing a space with the living room (they were seperated by a partial wall, kind of like a few people's houses...like Tim's for instance, his living room is like that).

Apparently I was supposed to have sex with the other girl or something for the movie.

Normaly I wouldn't be posting an X-rated dream, but in this case, it's not X-rated. Closer to G or PG.

So I was still standing there, just after the director was talking to me about it, and she went over into the other room to do something else. The other girl was sitting on the bed or something. I asked the director what lines were (I think) and apparently I had none. I asked her what my motivation was, and I think she yelled at me for bothering her or something.

From there on, I don't rememebr much else, but it never got past a PG rating, and I never went into the room with the bed/film. So idk.

Just thought it was interesting is all. I had other dreams, but I don't remember them.

Sasha Blause:
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