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 Devil Dad

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PostSubject: Devil Dad   12.07.11 14:26

I know I didn't post one of these in a long time, but this dream was very vivid, and I have to say, I rather enjoyed it.

The dream actually went from childhood to adulthood this time around, which probably enhanced the experience. The city I was in felt like an old time Japan based off the architecture, and when I was a kid it appeared as though I lived in the slums under the roof of a family that owned a good inn. Later on I was visited by a man that looked like Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist, and he told me I was actually the son of the Emperor... Who was actually a hidden Devil. Which made me one too. That's when I found out that the town pretty much hunted devils. Joy.

So by adolescence is when my abilities started to form, which went from super athleticism to a variety of weapon based abilities that used my bones. Later on my 'family' learned about me, but they understood, knew I was good, and decided to keep it hidden. That's when Roy came back to let me know that they have been trying to remove the Emperor from power due to the fact that he is getting more powerful, and was eating those from the slums n order to do so. So that's when I became a protector of the slums, as his lackies only came at night to get a meal, and I would kick their ass back and forth.

By adulthood I was a supreme ass kicker, and my family and the slums still did not know about it. However, I was starting to get a form of blood thirst as well, but not nearly as bad as Dad. Roy came in unexpected again to give a few blood packs to live off of, and to hide them from the family. I only needed to feed once a week though, so it'd be easy to hide. Dad was getting worse though, and was now picking anyone from the city. This would make it impossible to protect. So, Roy was making a group to stop him, and showed me where my Dad would be. Once Roy left though, I went on my own. It was a pretty bad ass battle involving blades protruding out of unknown places as well as blades that were incredibly long.

In the end I kicked his ass, and Roy was all like,"I knew you'd do that. Want to go home and get a pint for us both?"

And so we did.

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities.
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Devil Dad
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