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 I... think I dreamed?

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PostSubject: I... think I dreamed?   07.07.11 10:20

I'm... not sure, it's kinda hazy on what happned now, for the greater details at least...

so dream 1:
It was some kind of game with some restrictions on advancing your characters abilities without joining some guild or something. And there was a weird tablet I think I used to buy a rocket launcher, or was it a grenade launcher.

dream 2?:
I woke up, I think I laid in a bed that was not my own and read a rather interesting fantasy book. I believe it was a graphic novel, though I cannot remember it's contence. Just that it was 1 of at least 9 books. I put that away and walked into the hall where someone wanted me to get them something, I initially agreed but someone else talked me out of it. I guess.

Downstairs I guess I was in a resturaunt or something. I talked to someone, who annoyed me. I ordered a 'chicken sandwich deluxe' though I have now, nor then no idea what the 'deluxe' would change about it. I simply had seen someone else eating a chicken sandwich so I ordered one. Then I realized I was missing my wallet so I went back to my room and the dreams ended.

oddly I just vaugly remember these events. Also there was something about a museum. It doesn't seem like they were dreams.

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I... think I dreamed?
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