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 2: Continuing Dream

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PostSubject: 2: Continuing Dream   06.07.11 16:15

Quote :
Beginning of it, I was young and in an orphanage with one girl and had good times, but as both of us grew up the orphanage was torn down and the girl vanished. I became a different person, doing crimes and killing people but for the purpose of eventually finding her, as time passes I eventually found her and my years were finally being paid off. I wanted to show my true emotions to her but due to my criminal past, a man I knew came to where we both are and then shot the girl. I killed him back and tried to revive the girl. Her final words were "The orphanage.." I stopped being a criminal and made a new leaf, I created and ran an orphanage in name of her. But in one stormy night, a man came into my orphanage and showed me something shocking. A recent picture of the girl that died back then, and she was still alive. And then the dream ended.

In my recent dream, it branched off of a dream I had the day before. In the beginning, it was a rainy day and I was in a city filled with neon lights and crowded with pedestrians. The pedestrians had no unique features, they all looked the same wearing unusual masks and black hooded raincoats. I looked in a glass mirror on the side of a building and saw that the clothes I wore was stained with blood. Pedestrians near me stood in fear and started alerting authorities. I looked up towards the night sky glaring at overseeing helicopters, policemen came out of nowhere and ambushed me. The next thing I knew, I was sitting in my prison cell. A letter was settled on the ground in front of me. There was a guard near my cell who told me to open it repeatedly. So I did, it was another picture of the girl from the past dream. I looked through the side-window and saw the many lights of the city die out to darkness as lightning went down towards the highest skyscraper. Coincidentally, my cell was opened and the guard was no where to be found. I went out of the prison and saw dead pedestrians and buildings in ruin. I picked up a flashlight on the ground and moved my way in the dark night. A trail of blood painted on the asphalt as I followed the road. The trail ended as I reached my way back to the city entrance I started in. Lying pedestrians piled on the sides in my direction. They yell and chant as they cough up blood and watch as they soon die.

"You're nothing! She's nothing! You're nothing!"

I looked in front of me, towards the entrance was the same girl from before. The same girl that supposedly died by a single gunshot. She wore a brown overcoat and sunglasses to hide her identity. But she was the same person, blood was spilling from her wound. I walked forward but I suddenly couldn't move. A hand clenched the girl's right shoulder, slowly revealing the mysterious person. It was the man who killed her before. The man that I killed because of that. Blood spills from his forehead as he chuckles behind her. The lying pedestrians rose up as zombies and began to slowly move towards me. The man took the girl and vanished in a matter of seconds. I grabbed a convenient gun on the ground and began shooting my way out of the city. The dream became more of a zombie survival, and endless amount of zombies continued to approach for their demise. A helicopter descended in front of me, a man grabbed my hand and I was pulled into the helicopter. It quickly ascended back up as the zombies kept limping. As I watched the darkened city, the man sitting next to me gave orders to the pilot.

"All-Clear for The End."

The pilot then simply pushed a hidden button as the man leaned back and laughed. I watched the city suddenly light up, perfectly set bombs were detonated in random spots of the city and explosions were occurring as we soon evacuated. As I was continuing glaring below, the man rose up and grabbed the pilot by the neck, interrupting the movement of the helicopter. I clenched my fist and punched him in the back of the head, he fell down to the side. As he knew he couldn't do anything, he gave out his plans and said he was working for the same man who took the girl. He grabbed his gun and killed himself right afterwards. I sat back down and relaxed, awaiting to land.

The pilot descended in an open field that was near a large dojo-like building. I stepped out of the helicopter and made my way to the building. As I looked back, the helicopter vanished and I was now in the middle of nowhere with only one destination to go.


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PostSubject: Re: 2: Continuing Dream   06.07.11 16:17

I get the feeling that would make a kickass thriller movie.

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PostSubject: Re: 2: Continuing Dream   06.07.11 16:53

Indeed, I hope your dream continues.

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PostSubject: Re: 2: Continuing Dream   

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2: Continuing Dream
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