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 The four clans, new love, and the dumbest sudo nightmare ever.

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PostSubject: The four clans, new love, and the dumbest sudo nightmare ever.   05.07.11 11:42

Okay, first off I have forgotten the larger part of the begining of the first one but I will get everything I can.
part 1 'the war':
So first off there are 4 clans, the fire clan (red), the air clan (yellow), the poison clan (green) and the water clan (I think, the last one wasn't important) (blue). Anyway, fire clan is evil and stuff, I was a Air clan and quite powerful. I went on some long journey to get to the climactic battle, most of winch I forgot so I will skip to the important part that I remember.

I arrived at the docks, there was a large building then a dock, and then the waters. I had been travelling with a single female of the air clan who was mega badass (no sexual tension or feelings whatsoever, she was just badass). The final battle had already started the fire clan had a larger ship than the other two and the three were fighting. Our ship was already in the water and we started to swim towards it. We turned to see a water based air clan member (swimmer guys looked like those guys from mortal combat who have the masks on, like scorpion and sub-zero only wearing their team colors). He helped us get to our ship and the epic battle royal commenced.

We were fighting by fireing arrows at the specific enemies, and our ships could actually JUMP in the water. My partner was the best at this (and pretty much everything). She got us going like 60 feet in the air, while I tried to hit out enemies. They had a few, like 2 or 3, elite archers on the tower on their ship (only they had a tower), and I tried to shoot them, I THINK I got one.

I should note that everyone was fighting everyone. I abandoned the ship and took to land later to fight with the poison ship. I got into an archer dual with one of the members, it was stopped momentarily when the really big fire-guy (I think their 'Boss') and shot some fire eyes blast at me (he called it fire eyes). I countered with what might have been a water blast, I think it was an air blast, and managed to push it away as I fell to the side, he left. Anyway, I continued my archer fight with this poison girl. She fired at me and we both got pretty desperate, even just chucking arrows. In the end I managed to get her at almost point blank.

Part 2 'lover':
I think at around this time, the rules of the world began to change, I knelt down next to her and looked down to see if she was okay. I think at this point the world had changed so that the battle was actually some huge game, and none of it was really real. So anyway, I was making sure she was fine, and I suddenly felt very attracted to her and wanted to kiss her, she was soooooo cute~. I complimented her good job, and she blushed mentioning I was just a higher level than her or something. Anyway, I leaned in to kiss her but had second thoughts and backed off a bit but she stopped me from leaving completely (she grabbed me, but in a way that thinking back is literally impossible). She was kinda blushing and looking at me, she looked down and to the side, I remember thinking 'crap, don't get hard, don't get hard' cause of where she was (probably) accidentally looking in the general direction of. So anyway, she looked back up to me and I leaned down and kissed her.... then after a while pulled back for a second... and then made out with her for a while.... and then asked her to give me her phone number later, after the battle, we should meet at the docks. She agreed and I left.

part 3 'need to poop':
okay, so after all that, I went back to the docks and realized I really had to take a crap. (thought this would mean I'd need to when I woke up initially, but got up to find I was fine, and instead began to write this). So I entered the building by the docks and began to look for a toilet. And now things get weird. I found a room that was kinda off in ways I can't remember but it had a toilet... thing is I looked in the bowl and there were all these weird devises in there and something that LOOKED like a roll of toilet paper jammed in the bottom. Next oddity was I reached for the left side of my head cause something felt odd in my left ear. What I felt was horrifying for me, I felt a plastic toob, like the stuff they hook you up to when your dieing, and I suddenly thought that I was in a hospital bed somewhere and something horrible had happened to me, I started to get panicky, but then later felt in my other ear what was an ear bud for an Ipod (odd, I don't have an Ipod) and I took it out, finding that 'toob' was in fact just the cord (though it was way bigger initially).

And then I thought I woke up. I got out of bed cause I still had to poop. and I went to my bathroom and lifted that cover seat. Now here is where it get's horrible cause I had to poop worse every damn second. I found that my boxers were really tight for no reason and it was hard as hell to get out of the damned things, then I get off my boxers and am like 'yes, time to poop' and I look down and am like 'WTF!?' I have a second pair of boxers on so I think 'oh, what an idiot I am, I put on two pairs of boxers without noticing!' So I squeeze out of these too, again being oddly tight beyond all reason. Then I look down a third time to find a third pair of boxers, now I'm getting worried as both, this just doesn't seem right, and the fact that I really REALLY had to take a shit and felt a strong possibility of crapping myself at this point. I squeeze out of the third pair to find a fourth pair! This went on till like the fifth or sixth pair was removed and I was able to sit down. Anyway, before I actually take the damn crap I wake up and find myself to not even need to poop at all.

Dreams are weird.

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The four clans, new love, and the dumbest sudo nightmare ever.
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