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Day of Light

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PostSubject: Signatures   17.06.11 19:10

In every forum, signatures are totally ok and totally awesome and everything. But since we have members with total disregard for decency in their signatures, here are guidelines for how to make a signature that doesn't piss people off.


-quiz results

-sound files
-embedded shit
-download files
-ads (no bot, we don't like bot)


Your images are fine and everything, but they must not be too heavy if possible.

And furthermore, your signature space must be no wider, and no bigger, than 659 pixels by 425 pixels. Stretching horizontally will force us to have to ask you to remove it. Stretching vertically will just make us think you're uncool.


You have the right to put as many as you can before you hit your word cap.

We distinguish links from ads, in that links are simply, well, links and leads to another place, another project, etcetera. Ads are of the penis enlargement and get-rich-quick variety. Seeing as how Hinaoki has links in her own signature, promoting your personal sites and pages isn't a problem for anyone.


Every display of a signature determined to be douchebag will be removed, replaced instead with a lovely notice in red from an administrator, which you can remove and replace by something which is not douchey.

That's it!

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