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PostSubject: Not cool   03.06.11 11:04

So, I was just going to check on my facebook again, since I had nothing better to do, and then I looked to see what new goodies that I had. Well, one message, and two notifications. So I thought "Message first! I usually don't get those." Lo and behold, it's from my sister. (Going to stick this in here as some may not know. No, I do not live in Germany (And no, I am not German, I'm American.), not anymore at least. However, my family still loves over there while I'm here with my extended family. We were testing out something to hopefully fixed my doomed future.)

Okay, now let me quote the beginning of the message before I say anything: "I know mother doesn't want me to tell you what happened since your over there and all but...umm...dad got in a car accident." At that point I was thinking (I also stopped breathing for a moment.) "OH SHIT, OH GOD, WHAT HAPPENED?" As I read further, apparently he only 'screwed up his left shoulder, a black eye, and a little blood.' Well, then I calmed down a little, but I feel bad not being there. I can't help him at all, and the only thing I know is that he's got a messed up shoulder, so I won't know about anything that's going on unless my sister informs me again.

Honestly, I didn't really care about going home until now, I wasn't homesick, and I was fine hanging out with extended family. Didn't miss anyone. But now I really want to get back.

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