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PostSubject: First!   24.05.11 16:39


Alright, ignoring the sequence of worded numbers, I shall say this is my first post in this blog with the most creative title, and description known to man. What is this fantastic blog going to be about, you ask? To put it simply, it shall, like many others, be a place where I shall record my thoughts/events I have experienced when I get bored, or just feel the need to express myself. What makes my blog different? Me of course! I am the most creative, talented, beautiful person in all of existence! /bullshit

Anyway, since most of my life is spent letting computer's slowly drain away my life force, stuff written in here will mostly compromise of things that have happened over at GaiaOnline in my RP guilds. Of course, when I feel emotional I'll write up something emo here too.

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