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 Chapter I

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Darian Twilight

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PostSubject: Chapter I   30.01.11 18:33

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Darian Twilight

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter I   30.01.11 22:04

The Oki Family Affairs
Realphobia, Arkwright city
March 7, 2184

"The distance is nothing; it is only the first step that costs." - Marie Anne de Vichy-Chamrond,

Darkness...dark shadows, dark streets, dark alleyways and dark ruins.
Arkwright city once the center of civilization, now the center of famine, disease, conflict, and war. The great city ripped itself apart when the stock markets crashed soon after the country of Realphobia followed suit. No one knows why the market crashed or why everything went from bad to total shit, but they did. With the collapse of the government, the people of the country either flocked together to help each other or formed moving armies that raided those who couldn’t fight back. Arkwright city had been the center of civilization but at it’s heart it was the center for organized crime.
When the stock market crashed smaller Syndicates fell apart and in the end only two managed to stay up and running. The Hinaoki, or Oki, and the Bolvin family.
The Hinaoki family the traditional and all around up standing and well respected syndicate family resides in the wealthier part of Arkwright city, where the food was good, chauffeurs at every door, fine wines and over priced cloths with fancy labels. The Bolvin family on the other hand resided in the lower pit of Arkwright city where food was cheep and chemy heads walked the streets looking for there next fix and lonely men looking in the side alleys for company. Both family's had been at each others necks for generations always fighting always starting blood feuds and vendetta wars and that didn’t stop with the fall of the city now the families fight for total dominance of the city what’s left of it.

Arkwright city/ west Industrial district

The ruins of what was once the Money making Industrial district of the city spread out before him. Joseph Kasdanova ‘Sam’ Crouched amongst the rouble of what had once been a currency exchange. The wind was picking up and the dust from all the rubble was making his eyes water a bit but still he didn’t move from his spot he kept his head tilted listening for signs of his prey. His ear twitched as he heard the sound of falling rubble sure it could be the wind but he knew better. A few second later he saw them. There were five of them and each well armed with assault rifles and machetes. He took several deep breaths waiting till the last man was closest to him. He sprang from his spot jumping high and silently into the air, landing on the mans shoulders at the same instant bringing his knife down into his throat cutting off his ability to scream while severing his spinal column with his knife. Sam used the forward momentum of the Hartman's fall to propel him forward into the next man bringing his knife down and into the next mans heart. The second man cried out as he collapsed alerting the others they spun around and fired on Sam. He rolled to the side and hid behind a pile of rubble. He took several more deep breaths then climbed to the top of the rubble and leaped off. He took out one of his throwing knives and threw it. The knife nested itself between the eyes of one of the shooters leaving the other two weary. They took cover and blind-fired around the corners of some of the rubble. Sam was crouched behind a slab of concrete that had once been part of a wall. He looked at his vest and took stock of his inventory. ‘Eight throwing knives, one bayonet at his hip, a hunting knife strapped to his leg and a razor blade in his pocket.’ “Not good,” He said to himself leaning out a bit to see them. They were firing sporadically trying to hit him but they were also giving away there positions not a good move. He moved silently along the opposite side of the wall and viewed the land scape more closely. There plenty of piles of rubble he could hide behind but he’d have to be quick the moment he was spotted he’d be trapped. He took a long deep breath then ran for the nearest cover and waited. When no bullets started hurling past him he took it as a good sign then repeated his sprint again until he was behind the two. One of the Hit men had a grenade and tossed it at the wall. It exploded turning the wall into dust. He was glad he’d decided to move. He snuck up on the man to his left moving carefully amongst the rubble. Then he took his knife and rammed it up and into the mans lung twisting the blade to collapse them. The man fell silently but the other man had noticed. Sam spun to the side and took shelter. He pulled out another throwing knife as the bullets rained down on him. He slowed his breathing making it slow and even then when the last Hit man stopped to reload he spun out and threw the knife. It sailed through the air and stuck with an audible thunk in the mans skull. The man fell a expression of surprise etched on his face. Sam looked around him at the fallen bodies and felt...disappointed. He went and collected his throwing knives cleaning them off on the dead men's shirts. He looked at each one of there machetes and took the one he liked the most. He climbed the rubble heap feeling disappointed and wanting more much more blood much more action but Oki would be mad if he didn’t get back soon. At the other end of rubble was Regulus his ‘Handler’ the only man in the family willing to work with him.
“I know that look.” Regulus said throwing away his square.
Sam looked at him. “I want more that wasn’t enough.”
Regulus nodded and looked at his watch. “There aren’t any other patrols for a while and Oki wants us back.” He shrugged. “Next time I’ll find you more,” He patted his chest with his fist. “Promise.” Sam grudgingly got into the cheap and buckled in. Regulus accepted his small victory with grace and got in too started the engine and drove off.

Arkwright city/ Lower east district
Bolvin Family Compound

Tap, tap, tap.
Behind the large oak wood desk sat the dark haired dark eyed boss Vincent Bolvin of the Bolvin family.
Tap, tap, tap.
The Associate who had just finished telling him about his five newly killed men watched his boss tap the pen with a sweaty brow.
“So you telling me mes hommes were assassiné by a mere enfant?” Vincent asked with a tone that could break even the most battle hardened man. The Associate gulped audibly, the boss seemed to be calm, but when he started reverting to french that was a clear sign of his anger.
“Yes sir that’s correct.” The Associate said, clearly a hint of fear in his voice.
The boss eyed him then exploded, “Qu'est-ce que c'est que ça!?”
His face had gone beat red, “Pensez-vous que je suis un idiot?!”
The young Associate flinched. “N-no sir! I don’t think your an idiot, please, I swear we have been having the same reports it’s Sam he’s the one.”
The Associate wiped his brow nervously.
Vincent sat back in his chair a scowl on his face. “Au diable le marmot, he’s getting to be more trouble then that pathetic marriage is worth.”
He straightened his suit with an audible huff.
“You see that? I should not have done that, I should not have lost my composure.” He dusted off his sleeves. “It’s a sign of a weak man who looses control and a weak man I am not.”
The Associate nodded vigorously not wanting to disagree. “No sir, you’re not.”
Bolvin went on as if he didn’t hear him or even see him. “That damn Oki what is she up to? Heh, leave it to her to breed something as horrid as that child.”
He twirled his pen between his fingers.
“What of Skylar?” He asked after what seemed like an hour, but in truth was only a minute.
The Associate straightened his posture. “He’s still here sir, shall we confine him to quarters?”
Vincent shook his head. “Let the little abomination work his whiles on the monster child his use fullness will be up eventually. “
He chuckled, “No let him be for now all is going to right itself.”
He rubbed his chin, then made a dismissive gesture with his hand. The Associate took this as his cue to leave. He hurriedly left the room shutting the door behind him and thanking his lucky stars that he was alive. He half ran, half walked, down the hallway away from the Study.

Arkwright city/ North side restaurant district

Regulus drove the relevantly clean streets of the restaurant district. Once upon a time this was the place to go for some of the best food Arkwright city had to offer all the big wigs and mayor or governors would come here to the many food establishments. Most of the businesses were of course no longer operational but the ones that had been under Oki’s protection were still up and running. He pulled the jeep up in front of an old sushi bar with faded window and it’s sign practically ready to fall off.
He turned the engine off and got out. “Come on Sam your moms waiting.” Sam got out of the car and walked with Regulus into the sushi bar. The bar was filled with the Oki families made men sitting eating or drinking and lounging about till it was there time to fight or patrol. At the back of the bar was a private table where Oki sat her long hair tied up in a pony tail behind her head. She talked of cutting it but he doubted it. The table she sat at was long and curved like a horse shoe. A waiter with four carts of sushi served them. Also sitting at the table was Timothy Sanders one of there best hackers and one of the few people who could stand to be around Sam. On Oki’s left was Colin Etzel an all around drunk that served as nothing more then Okis body shield should something happen. Lastly on Timothy's right was Natasha Mendoza Oki’s best friend and second mother to Sam. Natahsa waved to Sam a bright smile on her face. Sam relaxed visibly he looked unchanged but Regulus could see the slight change in his poster. Sam took a seat next to her and Regulus stood in front of Oki.
She looked up from eating a California roll and gave him a big smile. ‘Like a shark baring its teeth.’ He thought to himself trying not to shiver. “Regulus glad you could make it back how’d he do?” She asked so sweetly if he didn’t already know better he’d think she genuinely cared.
“Excellent as always Boss.” He said without missing a beat.
She eyed her sod and ate another California roll. “Good Bolvin will shit a brick and no doubt try to retaliate be ready for him.” Regulus nodded his understanding. “Very good Boss and What of Skylar?”
Colin laughed drunkenly. “HA ha ah poor little fly watch him cry caught in a web soon hill be...hiccup.” They eyed Colin with a resigned weariness but, “Boss maybe we should bring Skylar here Bolvin might try to hurt him.” He looked pointedly at Sam, but Oki took no notice of him.
“ That won’t be necessary Regulus dear Vincent won’t hurt him.” Regulus nodded and took his seat to the right of Colin. Oki wiped her mouth with a napkin. “Regulus get together a good fighting force and prepare to move on the Bolvin boy close to Financial District.” She drank back a little cup of Saki. “Take who you wish just make sure there all dead no survivors.” Regulus nodded his head understanding perfectly what was expected of him. She smiled at him again and once again it was like a shark smiling at him. He gulped and concentrated on eating if he did that he wouldn’t have to see that chilling smile.

Arkwright city/Financial District

The moon shone brightly in the night sky. The tall business buildings of the Financial district were clearly visible under the moons light. Tall empty towers of concrete and glass that reached up to the heavens like flowers reaching for the sun. When the Collapse of the stock market hit it’s peek all the disgruntled employees and and various hired hands gathered what weapons they could and fought the National guard here in the heart of it all. There were so many armed civilians the Guard brought in their artillery and armored vehicles. Several smaller building had been demolished by stray shots from tanks and and several armored vehicles had been turned over by home made explosives. Regulus, Timothy Sanders, Sam and Laz Romanski an Associate and a dozen Made Men were hidden behind a up turned N.G striker. Regulus leaned out and peered through a spotting scope, across the street was a N.G outpost that was left behind during the riots. With the Night vision on he viewed the world through shade of bright florescent green. Through the scope he spotted at least a score or more of Bolvins’ men and it was apparent the flood lights were still working and the 50.cal Browning Machine-guns nestled nicely in the sandbag nests looked like they were working to. He signaled to the others to pass around the weapons they brought. As a policy the guns were kept in cases code locked to prevent theft until they were ready for use, and in a time when these good working weapons are already hard pressed to find losing some would be intolerable. He took out his two semi automatic Ruger pistols from a special made holster at his back. He looked at the inscription on each gun. ‘VERITAS’ (Truth) and ‘AEQUITAS’ (justice). He held them up to his face and muttered a prayer under his breath. “Perducat Dominus in manu mea et Sabbata mea sanctificabunt Ac si opus esse facta wrot propitiabitur mihi tum mecum et animam meam salvum.” He kissed the guns, opened his eyes and motioned for the others to follow.

He was pretty sure that they were in position and he hoped they were all ready. He peeked out around from the corner of the rubble he was hiding behind with Laz. The outpost was twenty to fifty feet away from them. He took several deep breaths then gave a loud and definite whistle. At once the fire on the outpost, he fired his guns at the Machine-gun closest to him and that was a mistake. The man manning it turn an fired ful auto on him. He dodged back into cover as the bullets tore about the corner where he had just been. He leaned over the top and fire again then ducked back down. By this time the adrenaline had already made it’s way through his body and gave him a sense of invincibility and and confidence that he really didn’t feel. “Come on you sons of bitches I can go on all night!” He blind fired over the top of the rubble. He was drunk of adrenaline and he was loving it. “For god sake don’t say that or they’ll believe you!” Wailed Laz who was couched so low he might have been laying down. He clutched his Kalashnikov to his chest like it was a life preserver.

Regulus slapped his shoulder. “Man up Laz our dignity and territory is at stake here!”

More bullets tore through the wall dangerously close to them. “I’ll tell you what’s at stake here, MY LIFE IS AT STAKE!” More bullets burst through the walls above his head making him sinking even lower to the ground. Regulus sighed and leaned over the top again and fired at the machinegun. But the gun was fireing in the other direction. He followed the the aim of it’s gun and saw that his boys had taken the other and were firing at the men in the outpost. He whooped with triumph and fired shot after shot at the man arming the other machine-gun. “You want to live shoot that gun.” Laz looked horrified then seemed to make up his mind jumped to his feet and fired full auto on the Machine-gun. That did the trick the man arming the gun fell away from it and he looked pretty dead. Instantly more of his men quickly manned the other gun and fired away at Bolvins’ men. He felt a surge of pride as he watched the quick reaction time, and even more pride when he saw Timothy there directing them. He knew it was a wise choice picking him. He patted Laz’s back. “There see that wasn’t so back.” Laz sent him a disbelieving stare but other wise stayed quite. Regulus walked to the for and stood there guns at his side his body silhouetted against a fallen flood lamp. He Let out a mighty shout that was echoed by the others as they stood there victorious. He was Regulus Lion of the Oki family. Next to him stood Sam the Wrath of the Oki family. “Long live the Oki family.” He cheered. This was just another win and another step closer to ruling this city.


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The internet is no longer just a land of videos and forums.
I have observed the great idiots of America from all over the internet.
I have lived among the Bronies, Redditers, Furry Clan, Tumblers, and Whovians.
I have watched virtual cities rise and fall, both because of strife, or because of trends.
I have wandered to many great forums across the internet and observed many different places.
I am the Wanderer and I have traveled through the many planes of existence that is the Internet.
I have learned a lot about this world and realize I know nothing about it at all. Thus I will continue to wander.
I am no longer a commander, I am no longer a Queen, I am The Wanderer
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Chapter I
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