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 The undead masicure

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Gort the mighty

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PostSubject: The undead masicure   10.02.10 15:59

story: In a dark tower, somewhere off the continent, a necromancer lives. He plans to take over the world. HE also plans to take revenge on his previous foes. The Sandfar guild. The king of the far east knows of this (almost everyone in the world does), and he will be looking for worthy adventurers, guardsmen, anyone to help. THe king of the far east has also set up a small outpost to keep tabs on the underwordly foe.

Alright. Its time we jump start the past section again

Character sheet (copy and pm it to me)

Name: Marzok Zladomir
age: ??? - Looks like 29
race: Human?
equipment: Long, black robes, light armor underneath and a large 2 handed sword elegantly decorated with Gems
hometown: Jirova
class: Dark Magi
Description: Marzok is a black haired man with some dark brown eyes and a cloak painted with more elegant serpent designs than grass that grows on prairies. 'Nuff said.
Marzok used to be one of the most respected men in the land, aiding this army and that army in their conquests with his abilities to place hexes, curses, and enchantments, as well as make rather dark predictions. He is rarely seen outside his ship, a massive hulking uncrewed vessel with secret passageways and spirits roaming all over. From here, Marzok can conduct whatever dark acts he pleases, being rather untouchable due to fear of his price being lowered to the attacker's enemies.

However, as the kingdom receded into peace, and the necromancer began to rise, Marzok was more and more compared to this new mage by the common people, both in terms of honor and power. Unable to still employ Marzok and keep up their popularity rating, most kings withdrew their offers, and only the most desperate would bother considering employment. Because of this, Marzok has had a massive amount of free time on his hands, abducting, experimenting, and casting curses, more or less in annoyance of the necromancer. However, the 2 mages have never come into direct combat.

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The undead masicure
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