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 True Geist

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PostSubject: True Geist   28.11.10 20:59


"I guess the best place to start is at the beginning. Not the beginning for Reaper and me but Reaper's beginning. He was born a thousand years before Christ. He was brought up to be a warrior, an assassin of sorts. When it came time for him to die, he tore his soul from his body freeing himself of his mortal coil and ensuring his eternal existence.
He was not the only warrior to do this. These unattached souls became known as The Fallen. The Fallen are the souls of people, who's time on earth would never expire; however, they are not able to retain a physical body. The Fallen are not quite ghosts but not living either but the soul would gain great physical power based on their actions in life. Good, honest people would be granted powers of valor and virtue and evil people would be bestowed powers of darkness and chaos.

Reaper is the name I gave him because our first encounter ended with my very essence being drained from my body so he could control it. But he didn't expect my mind to be so strong and in the end I regained control of my body, acquired Reaper's power and forced him to take a back seat in the depths of my psyche. Unlike most people with other personalities, Reaper is a completely different person with no ties to me and my family. His thoughts reside in my mind but they are his own.

Things became complicated once we were merged; when a shadow from Reaper's past took someone very dear to me. This shadow had been searching for Reaper for centuries. Angel, she called herself. In life Angel and Reaper were lovers but Reaper's ascension to The Fallen separated them. They were once inseparable and deeply in love with each other but since his ascension Reaper lost all memory of his love or the life they shared together. This was betrayal in Angels eyes and retribution now clouds her feelings as well. Now Reaper is focused on me. He wants to teach me everything of his history and The Fallen. He is here to guard something he believes to be special. He guards me, the only other to ever call him a friend. . . ."

True Geist
Heaven and Hell

Chapter 1: Putting Out Fires
Rivell's House
8:00AM Thursday

The morning was quiet and calm. The sun was peaking through the trees and had slowly fought its way into bedroom windows.

. . . for your morning traffic report, there's a wreck on I-30. Wreckers are on site but traffic has been brought to a stand-still. Alternate commutes are recommended. . . .

Rivell's mom, Roana entered the bedroom to find her son sleeping soundly despite the sound of the alarm radio. She approached the bed and turned off the alarm.
"Rivell, get up! I swear. Every morning it's the same with you, now get up before you're late for school."
Rivell rolls over and slightly opened an eye, a weak attempt to comply to his mothers request. After picking up some discarded clothing Roana exited the room. Rivell rolled on his back and looked at the ceiling. After a moment he threw his blankets off and walked to his dresser for his uniform. He threw the slacks and shirt on then makes a sloppy attempt to fix his tie. He didn't bother to tuck in his shirt before, taking a quick glance at the mirror, shaking his hand through his hair and heading out the door.

Downstairs, Roana was preparing some bacon on the stove top. She noticed her son, as he made an attempt to sneak towards the backdoor; she turned while wiping her hands with a towel.
"At least take some fruit with you.", she said, "You have a bad habit of skipping breakfast."
Rivell stopped in his tracks and without looking, grabbed an apple off the counter.
"I know, mom." he said and with a quick smile he grabbed his jacket off the coat rack and headed out the door.
Roana shook her head and walked over to the high chair where a small toddler looked on bewildered by amount of action so early in the morning. Raona picked the child up.
"What are we going to do with him, See?", she said to the girl who returned with a giggle before making a swift attempt to yank her mothers hair.

Rivell raced down the street on his bicycle, dodging traffic and pedestrians as he rocketed for lost time.
Well, mom was definitely right about one thing; I'm going to be late for sure..
Rivell recalled a brief conversation with his home room teacher about his tardy frequency.
If I recall its one more tardy and I'll be going to summer school again. He let out a sigh. No, not this year. I've got to take a short-cut.

Rivell cut through a clear alleyway and started pedaling heavily to make up time. Trash cans and boxes blurred by and with luck or skill Rivell approached the other side of the alley. Rivell could see nothing in the space between the two buildings because of the rising sun. As he approached, a shadow moved across his path. His quickest reaction to avoid the sudden obstacle caused Rivell to collide with a small metal trash can and then a pile of cardboard where he stopped.

"Oh my god, Are you crazy?!", a young girl ran up to the pile of boxes.
Rivell managed to push the boxes off of him and looked up at the girl. Rivell shook his head and checked himself, "What in the world just happened?"
"Rivell, is that you?"
"Yeah it's me, listen you got a lot of nerve just jumping out like th. . ." Rivell stood up and quickly approached the girl. He quickly realized who he's talking to. "Oh, it's you Irena, heh, heh."
"You're the one who's got a lot of nerve, Rivell. Scaring the crap out of me like that. Here I was walking to school and you come flying out of the alley, you idiot." Irena sighed, "Well are you ok?"
"Yeah I'm fine. It'll take more than a sidewalk to the skull to hurt me." Are you kidding? That hurt like hell. I think I might have a concussion.
"Good, that means you can walk me to school, right?"
"Sorry Irena, you know I'd love to but. . .
Irena threw a cold glare at Rivell, "But, what?"
"Um. . . but I'm late for school so you'll just have to ride with me." With a toothy grin Rivell stood up his bike and after bending the handlebars straight he threw his leg over the seat and offered a hand to Irena.
Irena hid a chuckle and said, "I'm not sure you can accommodate yourself let alone two people." As she spoke Rivell's back tire slid off and Rivell slamed down breaking the seat off. Rivell slid off the bike and sat on the ground. "Man, so much for that. Summer school here I come.” After a pause he said, “You're going to be late too, Irena."
"Yes but unlike you I don't make a habit out of it, come on lets go."
"Alright." Rivell accepted Irena's outstretched hand and stood up. Irena then smiled at Rivell and swiftly clutched his arm closely. "Lets go."


Cutter Star High
Rivell slowly closed the door to his home room, relieved to see the instructor diverted to the board. While making a sneaky attempt to reach his seat he was berated by his teacher.
"Mr. Kelly, so good of you to join us. Perhaps you would like to solve the equation at the board since you didn't feel it necessary to attend the beginning of the lesson." Rivell just stood there with a ‘deer in the headlights' expression and maked a quick glance at his seat next to him.
The instructor turned back towards the board and sighs, "Take a seat Mr. Kelly."
The instructor resumed his lecture Rivell released a sigh of relief.
"By the way I believe that makes tardy number five, Mr. Kelly." The instructor said while muffled sounds of girls giggling and boys making noises and jokes bounced through the room. Rivell just sank into his seat.
Ah, man

Hours later the afternoon bell for lunch sounded and Rivell made his way to the cafeteria. After grabbing the daily burger platter Rivell sat at his favorite table near a window. After a moment a tray dropped on the table in front of him. A short boy with curly hair and and large glasses sat at the table, adjusted his frames and turned to Rivell.
"Dude, where were you last night. I downloaded a patch to Universe of Battle. It came with a killer quest package. We could have dominated them in Co-op mode. Now my thief is way stronger than your paladin.", the younger boy says
"Sorry Duane, I had to babysit Cybil last night. I couldn't really find time to log on. That little girl is a hand full. Mom should have never taught her to walk. Besides my paladin is already maxed out so I haven't been playing much anyways."
"You're missing out my friend." Duane said before popping a tater tot in his mouth. With his mouth full he continued "Irena told me you almost ran her over this morning."
"Yeah I was trying to make time and she walked out in front of me.", Rivell said. "I was able to get out of the way, but my bike was completely thrashed."
"Shame you missed." Duane returned while taking a sip of his soda.

The pair was interrupted as Irena approached. "Your just mad that dad is giving me the car this weekend, and your stuck in the house." Irena sat in the chair next to Rivell and started to pull lunch items out the girly lunch box she was carrying.
"Damn straight. It's not every day that Comic-Conaganza is in town and Im stuck at home playing video games while your off making out with Rivell in the back of the Ten-iplex."
Irena blushed almost instantly and Rivell responded with a smirk, "Would you like it if we took you to ComicConaganza and made out there?"
"No thanks, it's already weird enough to be best friends with my sister's boyfriend; forget hanging out with you both in public. I'll just watch it on TV."
"Suit yourself" Rivell said, then he casually slid his chair closer to Irena and slid himself down into his chair to get comfortable for the remainder of the lunch period. As Irena finished her lunch she pulled a small book from her bag and nestled herself into Rivell’s shoulder. Duane lets out a slight grunt in disapproval of the pair and turned away. He pulled a chair out with his foot and threw a leg up, resting it in the chair. After, he produced a small handheld video game and was soon lost in game land.


The final bell for the day sounded and students rushed the main doors to scramble to buses, bikes, and sidewalks. After the crowd thined out, Rivell walked, hands in his pockets, down the steps and began walking to his right.
Well, no bike. I guess I’ll cut across the practice field. Then hit the quarry. That will bring me a few blocks away from my house.
Rivell looked up and saw a bird swoop down next to his head. The bird then shot up and disappeared from Rivell’s sight.

The bird soared through the clouds and soon descended, landing on a flag pole. The bird immediately began cautiously cleaning it's feathers. A sudden shock shook the pole and the bird flew away.
“Ah come on guys. Lets not do this today.”, Duane was standing against the pole with his hands tied behind his back.
“What do you mean, Doo-ane? This pole has no flag so we need to give it one. What do you think, Brucie?”
“It would be unpatriotic not to, right Alex?”, the large Bruce said, with a labored southern draw.
“That’s right, we’re just doing our patriotic duty.” Alex replied, with a narrow grin aimed at the squirming Duane. “ If you don’t fight back we won’t have to put it a half-staff.”
And with that statement Bruce hooked the rope to Duane’s undershorts, grabed the pulley rope and began to hoist Duane into the air. Almost immediately Duane’s yelps and yells were drowned out by Brucie’s guffaw and Alex’s enjoyed sadistic laugh.

Suddenly there was a tap on Alex’s shoulder. Alex whirls around only to catch a fist across the jaw. The blow caused Alex to stagger. Rivell turned toward Brucie. Brucie quickly tied off the ropes to keep Duane in the air and tried to grab at Rivell but He was too slow to catch Rivell, who had already ducked and slamed an elbow into Brucie's enornous gut. As Bruce fell down, Rivell used his momentum to spring up and land an almost outlandish spin kick which connected with the approaching Alex on the other side of his chin, sending him whirling against a near by chainlink fence. Bouncing of the fence from the recoil, Alex was grabbed and thrown into the now standing Bruce’s gut. The pair fell to the ground and remained there racked with pain. With a sigh of release Rivell grabed the pulley rope and slowly let Duane down.
“Man am I glad to see you.” Duane exclaimed.
“Come on, lets get out of here. I got the drop on them this time. They may not go down so easy next time.”, Rivell returned with a gesture that they should head towards the quarry.

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PostSubject: Re: True Geist   28.11.10 20:59

Chapter II: The Pot Boils Over
Quarry Dig Site
Thursday, 7:30 PM

The quarry was about half a mile from the practice field through a section of forest dividing the two. The quarry was wide and hundreds of feet deep but there was a service bridge that crossed at the crater’ center. The site was still active. Equipment still present but no workers had gone to the site in years. Strange events began to occur on the site so it was left as is and nobody would agree to work there. Rivell, however; uses the rusty old bridge from time to time as a shortcut.

Rivell and Duane peeked through the trees and begin to walk towards the service bridge. Duane had his handheld game out while they walked. After a small struggle with whatever game he was playing he turned toward Rivell.
“You know? You really saved my bacon earlier. I don’t think I could take another wedgie.”
Rivell smiled slightly. “Don’t worry about it. Duane, does that happen a lot?”
“Unfortunatly, yes. But they’ve never put me on a flag pole before. Usually they wait for me out front and I just quietly slip out of a side door. I guess they finally caught on.”
By now the pair had reached the old rusty bridge. Without hesitation Rivell stepped up and began walking across. Duane stepped up after Rivell, more cautiously than his friend did.
“Luckily you came along and used that crazy judo on them.”

Rivell didn’t respond but he visualized himself in his childhood. Here a young Rivell stood in defensive stance. Directly in front of the boy was an older man in his mid-thirties standing in the same defensive stance as the boy. After receiving the signal from the older man Rivell sprung into action with a flurry of small punches, which were easily evaded or deflected by the older more experienced fighter. After a misplaced punch was blocked, the old man thres a weak low kick which toppled Rivell. Rivell landed on his back. He quickly rolled back and as soon as he can get his foot flat on the ground he leapt into the air, rotated his body one-hundred and eighty degree and sent a foot into the aw struck old man. The blow connected to his chest but because of the size difference the kick only managed to unbalance him. Rivell standed wide eyed in attention and after the old man began to laugh Rivell can’t help but show his excitement.

That was the first time I used that kick. ”So Duane, are you up for Universe of Battle later?“
”Sure, you still haven’t played the bonus quests.” Duane returned as he looked over the edge into the quarry. “Hey Rivell, do you see that?”
Duane pointed into the pit. At the very bottom near the furthest edge, two figures stood across from each other. Both appeared to be transparent with an odd glow about them however one glow was dark and the other, light.
“I’m not sure. But I’m gonna find out.” Rivell turned and ran back across the bridge and headed towards the farthest side of the quarry.
“Rivell, wait! Are you crazy?!” Duane plead but refused to follow. He continued to look on from the service bridge. He watched in the last rays of light as the site’s lighing systems weakly fought off the shadow of night from equipment areas and pathways. Rivell disappeared into the darkness in moments. “Damn. I don’t know why, but something doesn’t feel right about this.”

Rivell followed a trail for a few hundred feet but had to divert from the trail to reach an access point leading into the pit. After struggling through some thick brush he emerged to a rusty staircase descending along the quarry wall. From the top of the stairwell Rivell had a much better view of the warrior with the dark aura but remained out of ear shot. He was tall with long wild black hair. His face was covered with a strange skull with short spikes rolling off the hardened cheek bones. The distinction of his face was the small orbs of fire glowing from the skull’s eye sockets. He was wrapped from the neck to his feet in cloth wrappings much like a mummified corpse. Over this were steel shoulder guards, a leather cuirass, and leg and shin guards. He also has leather boots with what appear to be actual skeletal hands and carved skull tops covering the toe of the boots.

Only this ominous warrior was visible through a small break in the thick branches of tall oaks. The dark fighter raised his left hand and out stretched his arm. Soon his hand began to glow red and then became completely engulfed in low blue flames. As soon as the flame ignited the warrior threw his head back. He couldn't hear anything, but Rivell took this gesture as some sort of sinister laugh.
What is going on here. Rivell wondered while moving and peering the best he could through the trees. I wish I could hear something.

After a moment the warrior lifted his right hand and slowly put it in the fire his other hand created until it also was engulfed in blue flame. Then he began to pull his hand apart slowly until the gap between was about three foot long. In the gap the blue fire had been pulled across and had flared up in size. The color had changed to red-orange and the flame seemed to pull toward the right hand. When completely outstretched the warrior pulls his right hand back to his side quickly and a few seconds later the strand of flame exploded in a bright red flash of light. When the flare subsided and a cloud dust cleared the warrior stood confidently with his left arm still stretched. In his hand where the strand of fire had began the warrior held an enormous sword close to three feet long and a foot wide at the hilt. The sizzling blade had three evenly spaced scallops on both sides running the length of the blade. The hilt was too detailed for Rivell to see from his vantage point but he could see the silhouette of some winged creature dominating its shape. This blade was evil. Its very presence seemed to drain all good from the world. Rivell fell to his knees only for a moment. He looked up just in time to see the warrior crouch and leap out of view. Rivell jumped up in amazement and tried to peer though the branches for a better view but to no avail. After a moment Rivell saw a figure fly into view and slam hard on the ground. This time it was the light fighter who struggled to get back to his feet. Rivell caught a quick glance of the fighter’s face and instantly jumps back in shock.
“It can’t be!” Rivell said in shock and then begins to descend the stairs. “I’ve got to get closer.”

Meanwhile, by now the light warrior had made it to his feet. The dark warrior was walking toward the other.
While walking he pointed his blade and said, “Know and fear the name Yoshimiru. I will damn the human race to hell and you will not stop me.”
“The lingering souls of the dead will find their peace and the souls of the living will feel your terror no longer.” the light fighter asserted before lunging toward Yoshimiru and yelling, “ I will be the one who sends you to hell where you belong, Chaos!”

While lunging the light fighter held his right hand forward. The arm started to glow slightly while a random bursts of electricity crawl and whip the arm. Almost instantly a spear erupted from his glowing palm which he grabbed at the end as it finished its odd arrival. The fighter, spear in hand, reached the target but was deflected by Yoshimiru’s sword inches from his face. The light fighter parried and spun around before unleashing a relentless combo of thrusts and spins. Yoshimiru was able block all the strongest blows but was on the defensive, slowly retreating from his target. This tactic was clearly a front as Yoshimiru threw his arms out and yelled, unleashing an enormous fireball in all directions. The blast knocked the light fighter back. Back on the service bridge Dwayne continued to look on and saw the explosion himself.
“I don’t believe what I’m seeing.” Dwayne saed. He then looks down at the video game he has in his hands. “This in straight out of Universe of Battle. I wonder what I should do.”

Back in the quarry the two warriors were still fighting each other with each blow stronger than the last but Yoshimiru made a bold attack that failed. The light fighter thrusted his lance with one hand deep into Yoshimiru’s abdomen.
“Your power it great Chaos but you have no chance.” The light fighter then sent a surge of electricity through the spear and then Yoshimiru himself.
After a paralyzing jolt Yoshimiru dropped back and fell to the ground.
“Now I will send you to your abyss.”


The light warrior whirled around wide eyed as he looked at his son standing at the base of the stairwell leading into the quarry.
“Rivell, what are you doing here?!” Rivell’s father yelled.
The reunion was quickly interrupted by a blast of laughter coming from the injured Yoshimiru.
“A son? And our affinities are aligned this is perfect! What delicious irony!” the injured Yoshimiru struggled to his feet. “I now see what binds you to this place, Astros. Now witness the full extent of my ability.”
Yoshimiru then dispeled his sword in a flash of blue flame. After he covered himself in the same blue flame, his body disappeared and only the fire remained. The fire then flew towards Rivell as if swept by a powerful wind and in no time at all Rivell was engulfed in the blue flame. Rivell reacted but quickly realized that he wasn’t in pain. In fact his clothes weren’t even burning. Rivell’s father made a futile attempt the approach his son but the flames repelled his approach. After a moment the flames begin to swirl around Rivell and eventually were pulled into a small flame shaped scar burned into the right side of his neck. Rivell checked himself and shrugged.

“Are you alright Rivell?” His father asked.
“Yeah I think so. I don’t know what he did to me?” Rivell returned. “Who or what was that guy? Oh! Why are you still alive?”
“To be honest, I am a little surprised that you could see us.” Rivell's dad explained. “Its hard to explain but. . .”

Rivell’s father was interrupted by a shriek of pain coming from his son. Rivell fell to his knees with forehead on the ground cupped by his hands. The scar on his neck glowed violently as if the scar were actual flame. Rivell’s father looked in horror as his son writhed in pain.
“Son, this is Yoshimiru’s doing. He put a curse on you. You have to hang in there.”
Rivell fough to lift his head and looked at his father. Rivell’s face had changed. Skin was turning red like a bad sunburn. His features stressed and feverish but most notable was his right eye which had turned black, and cracked like char-coal.

“What’s happening to me?” Rivell fought to get these words out. As soon as he did he suddenly jerked up yelling in agony. He revealed a fire burning from his deformed right eye. Despite desperate attempts by Rivell to extinguish the flame it begins to spread, searing and burning his flesh until only exposed and charred bone remained. The spread continued until most of the right side of his forehead and the side of his jaw was exposed to the bone. Once this was completed the flame turned blue and quickly dissipated. All that remained of the fire was an ominous fire orb resting just inside the right eye socket. Rivell then relaxed and remained on his knees. His head was hanging weakly. Rivells father approached slowly.

“Rivell, can you hear me?”
Rivell began to laugh, which slowly became twisted. He then looked up with a twisted smile and said, “It’s your boy. Daddies baby boy!” He then burst into a sinister cackle and stood up, holding himself up weakly. “You have lost, A s t r o s.”
“Yoshimiru!” Rivells father yelled just as Rivell unleashed an huge wave of flame expanding in all directions. Trees near the stairwell were engulfed flame and all vegetation that had fought for life in the abandoned quarry was incinerated. Rivell’s father was tossed fifteen feet from Rivell and was badly burned from head to toe. Rivells father rolled on his back to see Rivell in the air above him holding the same sword Yoshimiru used before.
Rivell was no longer himself. He could no longer control his body and he no longer had any external senses at all. All was dark but he could hear Yoshimiru’s voice taunting him as his soul suffered in agony.

Your soul will soon be devoured and I will own this body.

Suddenly Rivell could feel a draining feeling that was painless but also excruciating. All Rivell could do was think of struggling and think of escaping this madness but he was trapped in this dark void. His thoughts then started to wander to his mother, and his sister, and his friends, and finally to his father. These thoughts eased his mind and slowly the agony of the void began to subside.
What is this!? Why aren’t you gone yet!? I am l o sing c o n t r o l!?
Suddenly the veil crashed and Rivell’s senses came back to him. He realized instantly that he was only feet from his father. He noticed the sword in his hand but only his eyes had time to react. He looks wide eyed as he approached. Just inches from his father everything stopped. Rivell was suspended in the air trapped in his attack. The world around Rivell is frozen the same way. Suddenly a female, voice powerful and confident, filled Rivell’s mind.

I am many things but today I am the oracle and I will tell your future.

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The voice was soon accompanied by a radiant figure shining just behind Rivell's father before him. She had long flowing hair of blonde silk that floated freely around her head, and was a body of physical perfection. Her form was brightly lit but Rivell could tell she was nude. He blushed only slightly before the situation at hand returned him to focus. When she had become fully visible she offered Rivell a smile before speaking.
"You are light." She said. "You bring the dawn, and with it, an end to night and yesterday."
Her kind view shifted down to Ian. "Do not grieve again for the past, for the willing sacrafice will not go unnoticed."
She looked back to Rivell and stepped back. She began to shine brighter before beginning to fade.
"Be strong. Deliverance is at hand."

With that her image was gone. Rivell could hear the world coming back before movement continued. Time slowly increased speed as Rivell's attack followed through. In slow-motion, Ian's face lit up with pain as Yoshimiru's wide demon blade ran through his torso. The force of the impact drove Ian down on his back pinned secured to the ground. Rivell's expression was one of shock and anguish as his body began to take his own instruction again. He jumped back in re-coil, releasing the sword. As soon as he let go, the sword dissipated into wisps of smoke, leaving only Ian's mangled corpse. A labored cough from Ian's body shook Rivell from his shock and he rushed to his father's side. He examined the horrific wound in a panic before Ian grabbed his hand with his own.
"I'm so proud of you, boy." He said through bloody breaths. His body then began to glow brightly, just as the oracle had. He became wieghtless as his body was pulled off the ground and dissolved in bright golden particles. Rivell looked on in horror as he watched his father pass away for the second time. His vision went bright white as he passed out on the quarry floor.

"Get a stretcher over here! . . Hang on kid. . . "
". . . Wheel him to the burn ward! . . "
"My god. . ."
". . . I've never seen anything like this."


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True Geist
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