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 Chapter 6

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PostSubject: Chapter 6   07.11.10 20:10

Chapter 6

Lash was amazed at his feat, but missed both Amy and the guy walk into the place already. They walked straight up to the group, sitting down at the table, earning a few instant distrusting looks from the group before Amy started.

"Hey guys, we're the group that's getting you out... Just follow us and stay positive and laughing. If they think we're tourists, then they'll leave us alone. Now lets g- Yes what is it?" Amy said to the man, touching her shoulder and pointing out the window in fear. As Amy and Lash looked, they both froze as well. Outside, about two blocks away was a large Honor Guard, roughly 8 feet tall, with thick armor and two large cleavers already out as it was walking down the street, straight towards the Waffle House.

"Shit! He's coming!" Lash thought as she said to the group,"No more talking, he's coming. West side of the forest we have two people waiting, run there and you'll be safe. Now GO!" Lash yelled as she ran out of the door and into the street, looking straight at the Honor Guard as she yelled,"Hey asshole! Looking for me!" The Guard instantly saw her as a red dot clicked on Lash a few times, a small laser coming from the Guard. Lash had no idea what it was, but whatever it was confirmed what he wanted as the Guard started dashing straight towards her at a tremendous speed, catching Lash by surprise when he was already in front of her, the cleaver raised up in the air. Lash was frozen in fear though... She could do nothing but look at the blood stained cleaver that was almost her height and likely twice her weight. He went to bring it down on top of her, but Amy was there and put her hands up, the blade stopping in mid air by an invisible wall of force.

"What the hell are you doing Lash! Kick his ass!" Amy yelled, the strain already bringing her to sweat and tears. Lash instantly snapped out of it as she saw the state her sister was in, her eyes glowing red with anger as Lash's arms burst into flame and she struck a point blank fireball directly at its chest. This stopped its attack as it took two steps back, but quickly recovered as it stood still. The others in the restaurant were already running out and down the street, trying their best to get to the forest as fast as they can. The Honor Guard however was smarter then that. As he stood there, two gattling guns opened from his shoulders as he turned to the side of Amy and Lash, firing them both upon the group of escaping Alphas. Two, four, six dead... Lash yelled out as she ran towards the Guard, trying to strike him again, but was batted aside with the flat of the cleaver. It still hurt however as she fell to the ground in pain, the Guard still shooting. The guns suddenly stopped though as the Guard looked at them in confusion. The man who came with them had his hand focused on the Guard as he said,"Lash! Amy! Get everyone who's still alive out now!"

Lash was still on the ground, but Amy picked her up as they both ran, helping the rest of the people who were still running. The group were able to get out of the city limits, and Lash was just about to turn back before she heard a deafening crack, followed by the sound of spilt blood. Lash turned back forward as she screwed her eyes shut and continued to run forward. However, moments later Lash could hear crashing footsteps once more as she swung her head back, seeing the Guard running towards him, his right cleaver coated in fresh blood... Her stomach was in her throat as she felt she was about to puke, but stopped as she felt a strong pain in her legs. Lash fell to the ground, yelling out as she looked at her leg. There was a hole in her thigh, spilling out generous amounts of blood... Lash's face turned white as she watched her blood contrast against her pale skin... It hurt her so much, and she could feel her face getting hot as fresh tears begun to set themselves. She didn't even notice Amy stop and try covering her wound, pressing hard on it to stop the bleeding. Lash was not ready for this, and because of her impatience and willingness to go out and die, she was going to. The Guard was close now, almost on top of them both as he pointed his cleaver at them, a gun opening at its wrist. Amy was screaming, but Lash could hardly hear it as she closed her eyes, and heard the shot of a bullet. However, she did not feel a sting that time as she opened her eyes, surprised to see a large dent in the Guard's armor as it aimed both of its arms upward, firing rapidly at something in the sky. Lash looked up quickly as she saw Eoin flying high in the sky, two of his large revolvers in hand as he laughed at the Guard for its poor aim.

Amy grabbed Lash and picked her up as she started running from the Guard, but left Lash in such an angle so that she could still see the fight. Eoin was happy as could be, dodging each and every shot that the Guard fired. Eoin then fired another shot, as another well placed dent was put in the Guards leg, causing it's balance to shift long enough so that Eoin could shoot one of its cleavers. The cleaver snapped with a single shot. This however did not go over well with the Guard, who brought out his gattling guns, and opening a chest with a powerful laser hidden within as he started firing more at Eoin. Not even Eoin could dodge all of that, and soon spiraled downward as he crashed into the ground. The Guard walked over to him with it's back to Lash as he brought his cleaver down, cleanly slicing off his head. Lash turned her head away before seeing that however... Katelyn had passed by them as Amy finally made it to the forests edge, gasping in breath as she put Lash up against a tree,"Lash! Lash are you alright! Say something!"

"Let me watch." Lash replied, looking at her sister. She was in the way of the fight, and she did not want to miss her chance to see Katelyn fight. Amy was stunned, but moved away as requested, eying Lash's wound in pain as she pressed upon it with her mind, keeping the pressure on.

Katelyn had her sword out as she stood several feet from the Guard, and just stood there until he took notice. As it did however all of its weapons flashed outward as it started to run back, shooting all of them at Katelyn. For every shot that hit her however, nothing happened. She just stood there as round after round bounced off of her, and she started walking forward. The Guard kept running backwards as its attacks didn't cease, even missiles were fired from it, but nothing happened to Katelyn. Finally she stopped as she threw her sword upward, the Guard keeping its eye on it as he walked back. Wrong move... Katelyn lunged forward at that point, striking the man in the chest with her palm, a ripple of light going through his armor as it fell apart at the seams, the man falling to the ground as he looked up at Kate, his face filled with a mix of fear and anger. He pulled out a pistol as he shakily aimed it up at Katelyn, but before he could do anything felt a shockwave of a large sword landing beside him. To his right was Katelyn's sword, about two stories tall, sticking from the earth, electricity crackling down its side.

Katelyn leaned in close as she simply replied to him,"Go..." The man dropped his gun as he ran as fast as he could towards the city, where a mass of people had started to show, taking pictures of Kate and her weapon. He weapon returned to normal as she sheathed it, grabbed Eoin who has just finished resurrecting, and flying back to the forest edge,"We need to move, now. This crowd is bad for us." She then put Eoin down as she lifted Lash up, who was now starting to pass out from blood loss. Lash could only hear faded words as they discussed something real quick, her vision getting hazy as well. Before she knew it though, the trees disappeared, and all she could feel was a rush of air and the warmth of Katelyn. Lash saw a small light now however as the pain in her leg subsided, and her senses finally started to return to normal. Lash was in Kate's arms, the wind swirling around them and her wings spread out far. That's when it clicked... Lash looked down to find that the forest was a long way down... Lash screamed in fear, but her voice was whipped around in the wind, and was unheard by anyone. Lash passed out soon afterwords.

Word Count: 1567

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities.
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Chapter 6
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