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 Chapter 5

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PostSubject: Chapter 5   06.11.10 15:28

Chapter 5

Lash walked over to her bed as she said,"Alright look, I can explain-"

"Good! I'm waiting." Amy replied, crossing her arms and tapping her foot. Lash never kept secrets from Amy. Ever. So she had reason to be pissed, especially about this.

Lash let out a shaky sigh as she started,"Okay look... Kate saw me fighting, and this base is an UnHonorables base! A lot of people stay here just to stay safe, but a lot of people in here fight Amy! I'm one of them. I can't just sit back and watch and hundreds of people just like us get killed for no reason! Don't you understand Amy?"

"Yes Lash... I completely understand... What I don't understand is why you felt the need to lie about this and keep it hidden from me! This is a big deal Lash! Don't you understand! Why didn't you tell me!" Amy was starting to yell now, walking closer to Lash.

Lash however could never yell at her sister as she calmly looked back at her, saying,"Because... Because I wanted to keep you safe... And I didn't want you to worry about me..."

Amy stood up straight as her face cleared and she said,"Well I wont have to worry about you if I'm with you, will I?"

Almost instantaneously Lash stared into her eyes and said,"No! You can't! This is my fight Amy, let me do this alone."

"This is my fight too if you hadn't noticed! Not only your parents died Lash! Not only your life was ruined! Mine was too! How do you think I feel!" Amy yelled right at Lash, her face starting to tear up,"I would rather be there to help protect you then stay safe, never knowing if you'll even come back..."

Lash's head sunk low at her comments as she ever so slowly sat down on her bed... She was right... But deep inside she still didn't want her to fight... Before she knew it however Amy had left the room, saying that she was going to talk to Kate about it, and that she should get some sleep. One word however kept throbbing in Lash's head... Selfish... How on earth was Lash selfish. Everything she has done so far she has done for Amy!...Right? True, Lash hadn't thought about how Amy felt of everything, as she just assumed that she was scared, and didn't want to fight considering everything they have been through so far... Lash shook her head as she hopped into bed, not even caring to take off her clothes. Maybe because of that the peeper Mike wont bother her tonight... That thought alone however made her a little paranoid as she looked around the room, wondering if he would visit her in the night again. When he didn't though she just shook her head before slipping off into her dreams... Little did she know however, Mike was already watching her, thinking...

The next morning Lash did not wake up to falling to the floor, but just a rock to the head this time...

"Morning sleeping beauty, today's the big day for you!" Mike replied, clapping his hands slowly in excitement.

Lash rubbed where the little rock struck her as she replied,"Mike, don't you have anyone else you can bother? I had a rough night and I'm not in the mood..."

"Bother? What is it you mean? I am merely waking you up and giving you encouragement on your mission is all." Mike then walks closer and leans in as he replies,"And I know you had a rough night. Nothing happens in here that I don't know..." Then Mike sunk back into the ground without another word. His last words however still made Lash shiver slightly, imagining this man was always watching her while she was in here... It felt like a prison... She had to get outside as soon as possible... Lash stood up, stretching slightly as she walked back to her dresser, and got a sleeveless shirt and pants, tying her hair back as she got dressed. Once she was finished and pleased with herself she made her way back out to the kitchen to once again find Amy sitting there already, eating a small breakfast.

Amy looked up at Lash, and instead of saying morning just acknowledged her with a nod before continuing to eat. This hurt Lash slightly... But she shook it off as she sat next to her and started to eat as well.

Moments later Lash picked up her head and slowly said to Amy,"So... What did Katelyn say?"

It took a few moments for Amy to reply before she said,"I'm in as well. I'm coming with you on the mission." Then she bit into another piece of toast rather viciously,"You're not the only one that's strong you know... I can handle the burdens of a war too..."

Lash turned her head from her as she sadly thought,"I wasn't saying you couldn't... I was just saying that I didn't want you to... But nothing can be done about it now..."

They both finished their meals and put them in the kitchen before walking to the front door, both of them going out as Katelyn wanted them to. The steps up were long as they always were, but both of them made it up and they got out of the base. However, when they got there they realized that two people were already there waiting for them. One man that Lash didn't know, with a clean white shirt tucked into his pants, and short black hair. He just sat away from the group, shaking a little. Lash just assumed he was nervous. But Lash knew the other one, and her face started to turn red.

"Morning lasses, ready for a mission today?" Eoin replied, chuckling as he breathed in the morning air. Lash just turned from him and walked to a different tree as Amy got out of the base, looking at both Eoin and Lash in wonder.

"Do you two know each other sis?" Amy asked, looking at her.

Lash didn't say anything but Eoin replied,"Yup. We were training with each other last night. She done near blew off all my clothing." He started laughing at this as Amy covered her mouth and looked at her sister. Her arms were already ablaze with a small layer of fire. Amy knew what had really happened by this point as she smiled and just shook her head. Lash just took it too far yet again and forgot that clothing burns...

Moments later the trap door closed, Kate standing there as she looked at everyone,"Good morning everyone. Is everyone prepared to take a little walk?"

Lash had already started to walk in Kate's indicated direction, wanting to get as far away from Eoin as possible at the moment. Everyone started walking, with Kate leading them. Lash tried her best to stay close to Kate, hoping that Eoin would keep his distance. But, strangely enough he stayed in the back, just looking around the surrounding forest. Lash however was not that interested in the forest, considering she got her jeans caught on almost every twig, and got struck with every branch pushed aside. Karma's way of burning part of the forest she thought... Amy kept her distance from Lash as well though, walking on the opposite side of Kate, not even talking to her once. This hurt Lash to no ends, but didn't show it.

After a very long and painful walk... They finally made it to the forest edge, the city being seen in the distance. It wasn't the worlds biggest city Lash has ever seen, but it was still a city by normal standards. Either way, Lash was actually glad to be back in society, even if it's society that has rashly judged them and sent them running in the first place.

Katelyn stopped at the forests edge with Eoin as she replied,"Alright, Eoin and I will stay here due to our wings, and you three will continue forward and find the Alphas who are gathering to leave. Remember, they're supposed to be meeting at a waffle house at the center of town. Please hurry." Katelyn then stood by one of the trees with Eoin as she replied,"If you guys need help, we'll be here." Lash nodded to her as she started to walk towards the city, her sister close behind her, and that last man quickly catching up, still shaking from the long walk. As they were walking, serious look on their face, Amy soon skipped in front as she turned to her sister, smile on her face as she said in a sweet voice,"Stop."

Lash stopped as requested as she raised an eyebrow, saying,"Yes Amy?"

Amy giggled a little as she tapped Lash's nose saying,"Don't you think we look a bit suspicious like that?"

Lash recoiled from the poke as she said,"Like what?"

Amy laughed again as she said,"So tense silly! We should look like we're visiting and happy to be here! Not like we're going on a mission. Otherwise they might catch us before we even get to the city."

Lash realized what she said was true, and looked back at the other guy, saying,"Hey, think you can chill out?"

The man didn't say anything, but nodded as he tried his best to straighten up and put on a smile. His smile looked so goofy however that it even got Lash to smile and laugh.

"Alright then. Lets gooo!" Lash replied, trying her best to be carefree and put on a smile. On the inside however, it was really difficult to do this, as she felt it was degrading...

After only a few minutes they all finally made it into the city, looking around at everything that was going on at the moment. It looked so busy and large... And dangerous... Lash nearly broke character as she looked around at everyone, her smile dropping by the second. This was remedied however by Amy grabbing hold of her arm and yanking on it, smiling as if it were the best day ever. This made Lash smile again as she thought,"She is so good at this... Maybe I wasn't cut out to be fighting and she was... Maybe-"

"Look!" Amy pointed out, pointing at a large waffle house,"I think that's the place!" She said excitedly, dragging Lash and the man along. As they peered inside they looked among the groups, but had no idea which of them were the group of Alphas... That was however until Lash saw an important detail. At one of the tables a man cut his finger on his knife, quickly covering it up as the group shushed for a second. It nervously picked back up again as the people nervously looked around. As the man remove the napkin however, the wound was healed, and he was no longer bleeding...

Word Count: 1841

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities.
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Chapter 5
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