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 Chapter 4

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PostSubject: Chapter 4   05.11.10 20:40

Chapter 4

Lash slept without issue this time around, with no interruptions, nightmares, or rocks... The problem was when she woke up however. Or at least, was woken up... Lash woke up to crashing on her back and head, the bed beneath her disappearing as she cringed in pain.

"Morning sleeping beauty. Kate wants you to eat, and then head off to practice. Think you can handle that by yourself?" Mike replied, standing across the room. He was only able to barely escape a fireball thrown at him as Lash groaned, going to her dresser as she found it was filled with lots of new clothes. There was a lot of really simple articles of clothing, but Lash knew what she wanted. From the clothes there she grabbed a long strapless dress, giggling at the red socks that were also found in the dresser. She decided to put those on as well, because how often do you find red socks? As Lash was completely dressed, she stepped out of her room, going to Amy's and knocking on it. She got no answer, so she assumed she was already awake and eating.

After a few minutes of walking Lash made it to the main room where she saw Amy eating her breakfast, her head looking towards hers and smiling.

"Morning. I heard from that Mike guy that your name is Lash now? What's the deal with that?" Amy asked, patting the seat next to her where another plate of food had been placed. Scrambled eggs and cheese, her favorite.

"Well, I don't want people to know my real name is all Amy... And I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell any of them." Lash replied as she sat and slowly started eating, enjoying the taste of good food once more.

"It's fine sis, I wont let anyone know." Amy giggled, eating her food as well.

They spent the next 10 minutes talking about the new base and its decor, but also talking about Mike. They both agreed that he was a strange one, and Lash still wanted to beat his face in. Thinking of which however, how did her fingers get better? She thought they were broken from when she punched Mike? Also, where did the clothes come from? When Lash had last checked they were completely empty... However when they were done Lash said she had something to do with Kate, but when Amy asked what it was she just said that Kate wanted to talk with her. Amy seemed a bit depressed that she couldn't come with, but Lash knew this was how it was supposed to be. She would hate it if her sister got hurt... Either way, she made it down to Kate's room and knocked on it to find that she was inside, all of her armor already on.

"Hello Lash. Ready for today's training?" Katelyn replied with a slight smile.

"Training?" Lash inquired, stepping out of the room to let Katelyn walk out.

Katelyn started to walk down the hallway again, but took a path that had a steeper slope,"Yes. I saw your fighting, and it was powerful, but disorganized. If you are to help us fight, we need to train you how to control yourself, so you don't burn your allies."

Lash thought before a moment before replying,"But what if those allies need a good punch in the face. Like-"

"Like Mike? Then it's fine. He doesn't mind it. Not like you can actually hurt the man." Katelyn interrupted, laughing a little,"But you still need control so that you are more useful in battle."

Lash nodded at this, agreeing with what she said. But inside, she burned a little because training meant getting better... Which meant she wasn't good enough... As they continued walking Lash was hunched slightly, wondering if she could match Kate now, but felt she never would, which sunk her deeper into a pit of depression...

As they finally reached what Katelyn called the training room however, she forgot all about her sadness and gazed in awe. The room was huge, spanning at lest 200 square feet, and was so tall she couldn't see the ceiling. The whole room was made out of earth, stalagmites sticking from the ground everywhere, with a few of them hanging from the ceiling as well, barely seen from the darkness above. In the middle of the room was a man with short black hair, a pair of black pants, and no shirt... He had a relatively good build, and a pretty relaxed looking face. What caught Lash's eyes however were his deep black wings. They were dull compared to Kate's, but one of them had a large scar across it. The man looked up and grinned, replying in a thick Irish accent,"Hello there Kate. Is this the girl I have to train with?"

"Yes Eoin, this is Lash. You will simply spar with her so that we can see where she is." Katelyn replied as she stopped and stood by the door.

Spar... Lash rather liked the sound of that, but considering what Kate had said last night, she had to ask,"So, do I go easy on him or what?"

Lash jumped when she heard the sound of a gun going off as the ground by her feet ruptured slightly from the size of the bullet. The man had a rather large magnum in his hand as he replied,"Go easy on me? Girl, I was told not to kill you." He then started to laugh at this, his voice echoing through the large room. This infuriated Lash as her arms caught fire and she ran towards the man, launching a stream of fire towards Eoin. He was able to easily dodge it however as he launched himself in the air, laughing on the way up. Lash continued to fire shot after shot at the guy, pissed over the fact that he effortlessly dodged each and every shot she fired at him. He wasn't even trying to fight back! Lash was not going to be embarrassed in front of Kate, especially by that giggling moron. Lash stopped firing for a moment as she caught her breath, glaring at the man out of her reach.

"What's wrong, done already?" Fredrick asked, gently flapping his dark black wings.

Lash, for the first time during this fight looked at her hands for a moment, relaxing them a bit as she looked up, and smiled,"Nope. Just getting warmed up..." As she said this, her hands started to glow red.

Eoin started to laugh again as he replied,"Wow, nice pun. It was very punn-" He was interrupted however from Lash launching herself directly upward with a strong blast of fire at her feet. This caught Eoin by surprise as she twirled once on her way up, her dress flowing in the wind as Eoin just looked upon her in amazement. That was until her foot connected with his face however, making his head snap to the side in pain.

Lash was incredibly proud at herself when she did this, the grin on her face increasing. However all of that ended as she looked down... She was quite a ways up, had no way of stopping the fall, and worst of all was afraid of heights... Lash did not think this through as much as she should have... She screamed out as she started to fall, covering her face with her arms as she continued to fall. She stopped in mid air however as she slowly uncovered her face. Lash was incredibly close to hitting the ground... But was caught by Eoin. That's when she looked up at him and saw his face up close. He had very soft features in his face, as though it were always relaxed. But what caught her attention was his deep gray eyes... Her heart started to race as she felt she could swim and look in those eyes forever... This spell was broken however when Eoin said,"See something you like?" Before laughing at it.

Lash's face instantly reddened as her entire body burst into flames, burning straight through his arms before she violently let out a wave of heat and fire before she struck the ground, and passed out.

Moments later, she was shaken awake, Katelyn holding her shoulders with her wings holding her,"Lash, thank goodness you're alright. For a moment there I was worried you wouldn't wake up from the amount of energy you expended." Katelyn replied, smiling a little.

Lash's body felt sore as she grabbed her head, asking,"Ugh... Wait, where's Eoin?" Lash looked around for a moment before she saw charred remains sitting only a few yards from where she was laying. Lash's heart stopped as she took in a quick breath.

"Di- Did I kill him?!" Lash desperately thought, fear creeping in on her.

Before she could say anything however Katelyn shook her head and replied,"Eoin will be alright, just watch." Lash did as she was told and watched the charred remains of Eoin, unsure what she was supposed to be looking for. What was left of Eoin's body began to glow moments later, with his remains dissipating into what looked to be shards of light. After what took only a few moments, the shards gathered themselves together as they completely reformed Eoin's body, a smile already on his face. Lash's face however turned red again as she ducked her head down. He was naked! But as she tucked her head down into Kate's wing, she noticed that she was too!

"Don't worry, Mike is coming to bring you both clothing, until then you'll just have to bare with it." Katelyn replied, seeing Lash's reaction.

"Don't worry Kate, Mike can take all the time he needs." Eoin said, laughing once more as he stood without shame.

Muffled by Kate's wings, Lash asked Kate,"Can I PLEASE kill him again?" That however only made Kate laugh as Mike finally made it back, giving clothes to each of them.

It took only a minute to get dressed, but Lash was obviously pissed. What Mike had gotten her was a red shirt that was two sizes too small for her, and a pink mini-skirt! Mike might be a powerful Alpha, but he had no idea how to pick clothes properly... Katelyn noticed her discomfort as she whispered to her,"You can get new clothes after I talk with you for a moment." Lash nodded at this as they both left the training room.

Before they were completely out however Eoin called out,"By the way, that get up looks good on you!" He had only just started laughing, but still had a bolt of fire strike his chest lightly from Lash. It was however hard enough to burn a hole through the white shirt he was given. Eoin still found this amusing though,"Still want to see me with my shirt off I see!" Lash didn't hear the last comment however as both Lash and Katelyn were gone.

Out in the hallway by Lash's room Katelyn stopped her and started to talk,"Alright, I know it might seem a little early for you, but I have need of your assistance." Lash nodded however with a face of determination. Whatever the mission, she would do it. Katelyn took note of this and nodded as well before continuing,"There is a city outside this forest, about 6 miles from here. In that city we have news of someone spreading a rumor to hidden Alphas living there that there would be a place to escape to, and that they would meet at a restaurant tomorrow. Thing is, the one who sent out that rumor was confirmed by our technopath as the Honor Guard for that city, Hunter. We need you and some others to go and rescue the Alphas before Hunter gets to them. Do you think you can handle that?"

On the inside, Lash's heart was racing again as she started to sweat slightly. Only a day of safety after a week of running from an Honor Guard, just to run straight into another one... Lash couldn't complain however, as this was exactly what she signed up for. All she gave was a nod and a smile to Katelyn before Katelyn said her thank you's and goodbye's before leaving for her room.

Lash was rather pleased with herself as she opened her room, just to be met face to face by her sister... She was leaning on one leg with a rather hurt face as she looked straight at Lash and replied,"We need to talk... Now..."

"Crap..." Lash thought as she walked into her room, closing the door behind her.

Word Count: 2123

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities.
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Chapter 4
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