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 Chapter 3

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PostSubject: Chapter 3   04.11.10 1:58

Chapter 3

As they both finished their sandwiches Katelyn stood up and took their plates, discarding them in the kitchen before leading the both of them down one of the hallways. Alisha only just noticed it, but the lights in this place seemed to be a lot brighter then normal. It was actually starting to give her a bit of a headache. After what seemed like a long walk downward, with many doors and other hallways passing them by, they finally stopped in front of one of the doors.

"This will be the room you stay in Amy." Katelyn replied as she pulled out a key, opening the door and pushing it in. Inside was a fairly simple room with a twin sized bed, a dresser for clothes, and a tall lamp with a dimmer. Aside from that both the floor, walls, and ceiling were made of earth, and there were no windows. Alisha didn't expect this however seeing as they were underground... Amy went inside and went directly for the bed, flopping on top of it with an airy thud.

"This is so comfortable..." Amy muffled out, her face emplanted into the pillow.

Katelyn laughed a little at this as she replied,"I'll just leave you to your sleep. If you need anything just let me know." Amy however was already asleep, her snores escaping the interior of the pillow as all her muscles were completely relaxed. Katelyn smiled at this as she nodded her head to Alisha, walking from the room and closing the door. She walked to the door next to it as she turned to Alisha and handed her a key, saying,"And this is your room. It's the same as your sister's roo, but I'd like to speak with you for a moment, so do you mind following me to my room?"

Alisha looked at her strangely before she said,"Sure... Why not." Katelyn smiled at this as she turned around, walking down the hallway once more. As they walked however Alisha started to wonder how the hell they find their way around this place, because it just seemed like dor after door, hallway after hallway, all with the same dull decor. It was driving Alisha insane! Finally they stopped at another door, and Alisha was a little suprised by the fact that the door was just like the others. Alisha just assumed that due to how amazing this woman was that she'd have a better room. That however, wasn't the case. Alisha confirmed this once the door was opened, and realised that it was the same as Amy's room, aside from the fact that it was brighter then the hallway.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Katelyn moved to the bed as she started to remove her armor, placing the various pieces on the bed. Alisha just stood there as she watched her remove the armor that made her look so glorious, just to find she was just as glorious underneath. Katelyn was wearing a tan shrt and sweat pants underneath, patches of sweat soaking them as she removed everything but her helmet.

As she finished she turned to Alisha as she replied,"Do you trust me?"

Alisha was taken aback by this as she quickly recovered and slowy replied,"Yes..."

Katelyn nodded as she sat on her bed, motioning Alisha to come over and sit next to her on the bed. Alisha was unsure at first, but remembering they were alone took in a deep breath before walking over, and sitting next to her, her wings lying next to Alisha.

"You don't want to just live here, hiding from the Guards, do you?" Katelyn asked, looking over to Alisha as she leaned against Katelyn, enjoying the warmth.

Alisha looked at Kate in irritation, her eye hurting her as she relaxed a little as she replied,"No... I can't stay here... I need to end this fighting for my sister's sake... None of this is right..."

Katelyn turned her head away as she took a deep breath before saying,"That's not the only reason, is it?"

Alisha looked away this time, bringing a hand to her scarred eye as it started to throb in pain,"They ruined my life Kate... They destroyed my home, they killed my friends and family, they even personally scarred me for life... I can never forgive them for that..."

Katelyn turned to Alisha once more as she reached up, grabbing a hold of her helmet as she carefully lifted it off her head. Out from it poured long flowing blonde hair that quickly fell down her back, shimmering in the light of the room. Her beauty matched that of the rest of her as she opened her eyes. They were solid white. Alisha brought her hand to her mouth as she gave a silent gasp, realising what that meant. Katelyn was blind... Not only that, but Alisha instantly knew who she was. This woman was Katelyn, the Element of Light.

There was a group that was considered a myth, a legend, a fairy tale started by frightened Alphas. They were called the Elements. The Elements were supposedy a group of six individuals, each of them manipulators of each elements; fire, wind, earth, water, light, and dark. They were said to be the most powerful Alphas on the planet, but for some reason, broke apart, and were unable to help anyone. Alisha personally thought it was bullshit, and felt that it was just some hope created by stupid people who can't fend for themselves. This changed a little when Alisha saw Kate's picture in the paper, but it was distant, fuzzy, and she thought it was fake. But seeing Katelyn as she is now, she knew deep inside that this woman was part of the Elements, and that she could trust her completely now.

"I have been pained as well... And wish to stop this so that no more will have to share in our pain..." Katelyn replied, wrapping her wings closer as they shuddered in pain. Alisha looked at Katelyn, feeling bad for having complained about her pain, knowing what Katelyn was going through now... It took Alisha a second to do so, but she lifted up her heavy arms and wrapped them around Katelyn, giving her a tight hug. Katelyn was a bit shocked by this, but hugged back as well. After a moment of hugging, Alisha broke the hug as Kate replied,"So... Are you willing to fight with us?"

Alisha was generally confused, but played along as she said,"Who are you guys exactly?"

Katelyn smiled as she replied,"Well, if they wish to call themselves the Honor Guard, then we shall wear the infamous name of the UnHonorables. We fight to end the fighting, and show the world that we're people too. I asked you down here because I wanted you to join us... With your strength, we are a step closer to ending this war..."

Alisha was stunned. This whole time, she was in an UnHonorable base. A place that all Honor Guard spend their time searching for. Most would fear for their lives, wanting to escape a high targeted place, but to Alisha, it filled her with pride. Knowing that she would be able to avenge the lives of all lost here by heling their cause, even if she died, made her feel great.

"Yes Katelyn. I will join you guys in your fight against the Guard." Alisha said, standing up proudly as she looked down at Kate.

Katelyn nodded her head as she said,"I'm glad... You can share the word to your sister if you'd like, but don't have to if you don't want. After all, I know you care deeply about her safety. Anyway, you better head off to bed, you deserve a long rest."

"Thank you Katelyn." Alisha said as she bowed her head to her, slowly making her way out.

Not even a few feet out and she was stopped once more by Kate as she replied,"Wait, one more thing. Now that you're with us, do you mind sharing your name?"

Alisha looked her straight in the eye, and gave a little half smile as she replied,"Lash. You can call me Lash."

Katelyn smiled as she replied,"Alright Lash. Sleep well."

"You too Kate." Lash waved Kate goodbye as she started to walk back to her room. She actually felt quite pleased for herself, as she was able to find a new name for herself that fits her new life. As of this point on, she will be known as Lash, and will cast off the name Alisha as her past self... Her shed skin.

Lash made it back to her room a few minutes later, unlocking the door and dropping onto the bed, tired from the walk up. She dimmed the light down low as she closed and locked her door, stripping down to her underwear as she comfortably slipped under her covers, happy that she was once more able to sleep in a bed. She was ble to fall asleep in moments, her dreams coming to her quickly.

She could see the sunset in her dream, and was very high up as she looked down at the world below. As she looked around she saw that she had wings, and was flying through the air, happy as can be. However, her wings set on fire, and she felt it pain her so as her wings crumbled to nothing, and she started to fall. The ground rose quicker and quicker, with Lash making inaudible screams as she landed head first into the ground with a thud.

Lash woke with a start, yelling in pain as she realised that something actually hit her head. She felt around and found a good sized rock in her sheets. Was the cavern caving in? Lash had to figure this out and walked to her lamp, turning it back up and looking at the ceiling. To her surprise she saw a man's face sticking in the earth just looking at her. His face was dirty like the other man's, but had a look of intelligence to it, with deep brown eyes. She had turned red however as she darted to the sheets, covering herself up as she yelled,"What in the hel are you doing in my room you perv!"

The man replied with a straight face,"Research."

"GET OUT!" Lash hurled a ball of fire at the man, but as it hit she realised that he was no longer there. She looked around for him, wondering where he went before she was interrupted.

"Well that wasn't very nice." The man replied, his face now behind her looking at her bare back. Lash quickly threw a punch, hoping to strike the man, but only met a wall. Lash cringed in pain and grabbed her hand, rubbing it to dull the pain. Finally however the man appeared at the foot of her bed, seeming to come straight from the ground as he replied,"And that wasn't very smart. Seeing as this is my home I'd treat me with more respect."

Lash didn't care about this however as she lunged at him, her whole arm on fire as she struck him in the face as hard as she could. However, the man hadn't budged, and it had done no harm to him... To her however it felt like she had just punched a brick wall as she screamed in pain, grabbing her hand once more.

The man merely chuckled as he replied,"You broke your middle finger in two places and your ring finger in one. That was quite a punch though Lash, anyone else would be dead."

Trying her best not to tear up from pain Lash demanded through gritted teeth,"Who are you..."

"My name is Mike, creator of this base and close personal friend to Kate. You could even say that we're partners." Mike replied, smiling a little. Lash froze at the thought as she thought about what he just said, taking in his looks. This man could be no older then 35, had a white dress shirt that was caked in mud and puke and was untucked from his equally muddy and ripped jeans. The man has short brown hair with clumps of dirt in it, an aura of stentch about him, and overall just looked like a bum! But his next words made Lash question Kate's choice of friends,"I am Mike, the Element of Earth. Pleasure to meet you Lash."

Lash fell back in the bed, unable to corectly process what he had told her. That was before he replied,"By the way, you left the covers down."

A few blasts of fire and cusses later and Mike had left the room to let her sleep again... It appears there is a lot more she'd have to get used to if she wanted to live here...

Word Count: 2152

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities.
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Chapter 3
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