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 Chapter 2

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PostSubject: Chapter 2   02.11.10 23:18

Chapter 2

"Am... Am I dead?" Alisha thought as she looked at the white around her, unable to move or feel,"No... No I can't be dead! Not after all we went through! Wait... We! Amy! No... Amy..." All Alisha wanted to do was cry, but she was completely unable to move as the light seemed to get brighter. She then saw angel wings wrap around her, and for the first time since being here all she felt was warmth. She felt at ease here, all her worries were gone as the light started to get brighter. She wished she could extend her arms, and embrace it, but... It started to diminish... Very rapidly the light got dimmer and dimmer... And Alisha could feel once more... All she felt was the pain she felt before the light... The exhaustion in her chest and legs, the tingling pain in her arms, the irritation in her eyes, and the headache building in her skull... All she wanted was for that soothing light once more. Alisha finally opened her eyes. She was laying on the ground with her head to her side. Kneeling next to her was her sister Amy, looking at her with tears and shock in her eyes. Alisha noticed part of what it was as she lifted her hand. It was covered in blood. Her blood. She looked down in horror to see that the ground around her head was covered in her blood. She started to panic, but felt a hand at her shoulder. Alisha jumped as she snapped her head back, ready to attack. But she stopped.

What stood before Alisha was a woman in armor... Not just any armor though, it was golden armor, with many carvings on it. The woman also had a beautifully decorated sword which was glowing slightly as well, but the light was diminishing. Alisha wasn't able to see her face however, because aside from her mouth, everything from the nose up was covered by a helmet. Alisha didn't even see any eye holes! But there was one last thing that made this woman spectacular... Her wings. The woman had a pair of beautiful angelic wings that slightly moved in the wind, the same ones she saw in the light...

"Yo- You... How di- Where did-" Alisha was starting to say before she saw the dead Honor Guard lying a few feet away, dead.

"It's alright now... I saw the fire and came to investigate, and found you before he was able to completely kill you... But the shot he had at your throat was still lethal, if I adn't shown up that is." The woman replied kindly, smiling at the end as she extended her hand down to Alisha. Alisha however turned away as she stood up on her own, ignoring her hand. The woman put her hand down as her face straightened before replying,"My name is Katelyn, and I'm assuming due to this man chasing you that you are both Alphas correct?"

Alisha was about to tell Katelyn to mind her own buiseness before Amy butt in and said,"Yes, we are, and we have been running from this man for almost a week now without a break, can you help us?"

Alisha turned to her sister, about to yell at her for what she asked for before Katelyn interrupted her again,"Yes... I ave a place where both of you can stay safely without fear of Honor Guards. Just follow me, as it just so happens to be only a mile from here."

Katelyn started walking the direction after she had finished talking, and that is when Alisha threw Amy a dirty look. Amy knew that Alisha did not like asking for help, as it was beneath them, but Amy felt that it was not a time to be prideful. The sun was just setting as the sisters followed Katelyn through the forest, her glimer getting dimmer and dimmer as the sun fell. Finally after about 20 minutes of forced walking they all made it to... The middle of nowhere.

"What the hell Kate? I thought you said we were going to a base? All there is is trees around here!" Alisha yeled, waving her arms outward in emphasis before flintching back down, her arms crying in pain. Amy smacked her arms as well, whispering to her to be a little nicer about it.

Katelyn chuckled a little as she replied,"If we had it out in the open it wouldn't be exactly safe now would it?" Katelyn then reached down as she tugged on the grass, a hatch opening up to a pair of stairs as lights showed the way down. Katelyn started downward as she motioned her hand, saying,"Come along now, there will be food and drink inside."

Amy stuck her tongue out slightly at Alisha as she started down, following closely behind Katelyn. Alisha was generaly annoyed but followed down as well. She was getting sick of how cold it was outside.

There were many steps on the way down, and the door closed by itself once they were in. Alisha wondered how that happened, but kept the question to herself. As they reached the bottom the stairs it opened up into a larger room that was roughly 50 feet by 50 feet. The walls were completely carved from earth, with many hallways leading out to some other rooms. There were couches, chairs, and tables placed all over this room, with plenty of televisions as well. Best of all, it was warm.

"You two can rest in here for now, I will get you the food and drinks." Katelyn replied, bowing slightly before walking off.

Amy smiled at Alisha as she said,"Seee, what'd I say? This place is amazing! And now we'll be completely safe from the Honor Guard, and will never have to worry about them again! Isn't that great!" Alisha however was not looking at Amy as she was glaring at a group of 5 men, each of them eyeing the two. Once Kate was out of the room the group all stood and walked towards the girls, Amy quickly going behind her sistser as Ariel glared at the men. One man stood out among them, the filth on him radiating as Amy grabbed her nose in pain. Alisha stood her ground though as she stared at this man. He looked older then Alisha by about 10 years, with a very poorly shaven stubble on his face and a mop of greasy brown hair on his head. The man was wearing a sleeveless jacket and no shirt underneath, as well as a pair of filthy ripped jeans.

"Lookie here guys, few more ladies here to keep us company..." The man replied in a rather scratchy voice as he smiled, getting a few chuckles from his friends. He reached his hand out to put his hand under Alisha's chin, but she smacked it away.

"Don't you DARE touch me..." Alisha growled at him, clentching her fists.

"Hey hey heeey, we got ourselves a fiesty one here! Looks like we can have lots of fun with her..." The guys were getting closer now, but stopped instantly once Alisha's arms set ablaze.

"I said DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME!" Alisha yelled, her arms blazing more as everyone but the main man stood back from her. Everyone else in the room was actually leaving the room by this point, not wanting to be caught in this fight as the room started to smell of smoke from her burning dress.

"You think a little fire will scare me away girly? Think again..." The man replied as both of his arms turned into sharp pointed spires of ice,"Lets have a little match shall we? You win, I leave you alone, I win, I get a kiss from those pretty littl-" The man's sentance was cut off by a strong punch to the face as Alisha replied,"Go die in a fire you dirty perv..."

Amy flintched from the punch as steam rolled off the man's face,"Al- Alisha! You just killed him! Not even five minutes of being here and you killed someone!"

Alisha just shrugged as she replied,"What? He asked for it. I told him not to touch me, and-"

"And he didn't! You punched him in the face because you couldn't hold your temper!" Amy interrupted, grabbing her sister's shoulders and shaking them. But this however did not last long as Amy was knocked back by a wave of water, Alisha being picked up and dropped on her ass. The man was standing there, half of his body composed of water as his face reformed.

"You think a single punch is enough to take me down? You must be stupider then you look... Now I'm going to make you pay for that punch, and I'm going to enjoy every sec-" The man was interrupted once again, but this time by an invisible punch to the face. Amy was on the ground, her hand extended before she stood and ran to Alisha, helping her up.

The man turned completely to water before rising back up as a man of ice before saying,"Can't I finish one God damn sentance! You know what, screw it! I'll just kill you both right here right no-" A sword tapped the man on the head as he returned to normal and fell over, completely passed out. Katelyn was behind him, holding a platter of food in one hand, and her sword in the other.

"I apologize for his actions, he's just gotten a little lonely down here is all. Anyway, I brought you both smoked ham sandwiches and a glass of water each. Once you two are finished then I can get you to your rooms, as well as a change of clothing. Is that alright?" Katelyn replied before setting the plate down and picking up the man.

Alisha turned her head away as Amy stood forward and said,"That would be lovely. Thank you Katelyn."

"You're welcome, oh! I forgot, I don't know either of your names!" Katelyn replied, giggling a little to herself.

"Oh! Well my name's Amy, and this is-" Amy stopped as Alisha gave her a hard look before shaking her head,"Uhm... Sorry, she doesn't seem to trust you enough, even though you saved her life!" Amy emphasized the last part, and looked at Alisha. She however did not react as she sat down and started eating.

"It's quite alright. After everything that has happened it's common to be a bit cautious. I'll just wait in the other room." Katelyn replied before walking away.

Amy just shook her head in annoyance as she joined her sister. It wasn't even distrust that Alisha didn't tell her... As Alisha trusts this woman full heartidly. Anyone as warm and kind as her could not be a bad person. But there was something deep down that told Alisha not to let her know... She would figure out why, and in due time would let her know her name... But for now, her name felt unreal to her... With their lives completely gone, Alisha seemed to be just a shell of what she once was... Sure she had a bit of a temper issue, but she could never see herself as a killer... But now, all of that has changed... As she quietly ate she wondered deep inside who she really was, what she was, and what she was going to do with the rest of her life... As right now, she feels like her own worst enemy, and the one thing she would want to fight...

Word Count: 1941

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities.
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Chapter 2
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