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 Poetry Slam

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The Wanderer

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PostSubject: Poetry Slam   16.10.10 0:11

Okay so tonight I went to the Poetry Slam and I met an old friend from Albuquerque High! Olivia! (Julia knows her). She was one of the Slamer's! So anyways, it was my first Slam and I liked it A LOT. I got to judge and I even drew the Slam Mascot! Slamer Sam! :3 I didn't name is either ^^

The internet is no longer just a land of videos and forums.
I have observed the great idiots of America from all over the internet.
I have lived among the Bronies, Redditers, Furry Clan, Tumblers, and Whovians.
I have watched virtual cities rise and fall, both because of strife, or because of trends.
I have wandered to many great forums across the internet and observed many different places.
I am the Wanderer and I have traveled through the many planes of existence that is the Internet.
I have learned a lot about this world and realize I know nothing about it at all. Thus I will continue to wander.
I am no longer a commander, I am no longer a Queen, I am The Wanderer
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Poetry Slam
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