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 StarCraft Forever!

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The Wanderer

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PostSubject: StarCraft Forever!   15.10.10 18:56

So I was talking to the computer Graphics teacher next to my class and we were talking about games, I mentioned StarCraft and he said he knew of StarCraft and I told him what my old computer teacher did to the computers at my old Middle School. Mr. Hidalgo (my old computer teacher) had set up all the computers to do a LAN and allowed his computer and a select few other computers host a game for people. He also installed SC to EVERY computer in the classroom! SO I suggested this to Mr. Miguel and he said he might do that. *crosses fingers* plz plz plz plz

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PostSubject: Re: StarCraft Forever!   15.10.10 19:06

That would be awesome. Damn I wished the game was that popular when I was in School.

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PostSubject: Re: StarCraft Forever!   15.10.10 20:36

I want to go to your school now.. even tho i'd lose all the OTHER epic teachers who let us watch the Twilight zone in class.. Razz

I do things sometimes, apparently.
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We Tigers

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PostSubject: Re: StarCraft Forever!   15.10.10 21:20

In my computer class, there's a Z-Drive that has StarCraft, WarCraft, Cross Fire, and DoTA.
We can play at the end of the day. We can't during classs though cuz It takes too much bandwitdth.

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PostSubject: Re: StarCraft Forever!   

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StarCraft Forever!
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