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 Shard 9 - The Cold Invasion

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We Tigers

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PostSubject: Shard 9 - The Cold Invasion   06.10.10 13:45

It's sooooo cold in the morning. Like 62 Degrees D;
Then, after freezing my ass of in all of my classes, when I'm waiting for my bus it's unbearable out... so freakin' hot.
THEN when I finally got home today, it was perfect out.
Thus I call this "Shower Weather"
It's all cold at first, then it gets too hot, then it's perfect... until the hot water runs out and it's all cold again... then it eventually replenishes and is all hot again. Thus my logic is accepted.


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PostSubject: Re: Shard 9 - The Cold Invasion   06.10.10 13:50


Florida weather got us all crazy XD its cool down here, dun ask me what the temp is atm cuz I dunno.
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Shard 9 - The Cold Invasion
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