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 Shard 7 - The Wildfire of Gossip

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We Tigers

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PostSubject: Shard 7 - The Wildfire of Gossip   04.10.10 17:17

Okay lol... there was the Homecoming Dance on Saturday, which I attended. I was under dressed (In jeans and a flannel) while others were in suits almost XD. Anyhow I danced alot... though the music was ALL rap. So finally, after dancing for 3 hours, a slow song came on. A girl I had been dancing with in out "mosh pit" or group, was really funny and nice so I asked her to dance. It was very awkward but worth it. Anyhow... After thanking her for the dance, (It was 12 by then), the event was over and I left. Today, at break, my best friend came up to me and said that the girl, Danielle, has a major crush on me, and wants my phone number. Wish me luck.

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The Wanderer

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PostSubject: Re: Shard 7 - The Wildfire of Gossip   04.10.10 18:18

luck buddy ^^

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PostSubject: Re: Shard 7 - The Wildfire of Gossip   05.10.10 20:21

best of luck to you man ^_^

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PostSubject: Re: Shard 7 - The Wildfire of Gossip   

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Shard 7 - The Wildfire of Gossip
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