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 Shard 6 - Boca Raton Resort

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We Tigers

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PostSubject: Shard 6 - Boca Raton Resort   01.10.10 18:31

Okay lol. My mom is on a work retreat at this badass resort. It's the Boca Raton Resort...
It looks European... So. Fucking. Sexy.

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- (noun) As one of the most beautiful words in the English language, susurrus is defined as a soft, murmuring sound. It resembles the rustling symphony of the leaves moving across the pavement or the whisper created by the branches of the trees on a windy, autumnday. Uttering susurrus out loud also simulates the acoustics of nature’s effect; this is one of those rare words where its aesthetic, sound and feel coincide beautifully.
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PostSubject: Re: Shard 6 - Boca Raton Resort   01.10.10 18:50

all that I see: the word BACON!!!

I do things sometimes, apparently.
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Shard 6 - Boca Raton Resort
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