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 Shard 5 - Whirled

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PostSubject: Shard 5 - Whirled   30.09.10 14:47

Okay... Whirled is free (+1 Points), it has user created content (+1 Points), that is free to make, contains large levels of customization, and has groups/forums on it.
Though it is still in it's beta (Like it has been for 3 years), it's a beast game. You have rooms/worlds, that you can customize with backgrounds for them, or backdrops. You have furniture such as couches, tables, chairs, spaceships, animated stuff, and etc. You have toys, which are interactive when clicked. You have music (Like all bands, if not there upload own). You have Youtube videos which you can use, or upload your own videos. You have avatars, which are Adobe flash created, have actions, and can fight each other. That's the main features, but I think it's pretty awesome.
Oh, also there are user-created awesome games.
Link Here

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Shard 5 - Whirled
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