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 Chapter 5

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PostSubject: Chapter 5   31.08.10 13:51

Chapter 5

There was darkness again, with the window towering ahead of him. The window broke towards Four as the scream was heard again, the small silhouette standing amidst the broken glass. Instead of disappearing this time however, the small silhouette was pulled backwards, out of the window. The hair of this child could be seen now as he saw flowing chestnut hair... Four awoke now, looking around, confused as to where he was. But he remembered now... He was in Roger's truck, and Two was still asleep on his lap. The truck was currently idling in front of a building, a diner to be exact, and there were more strange looking people inside. Roger was one of them as he sat with his back to them at the bar. Four decided he'd be better off if he just waited, as he was still a bit groggy from sleep, and he didn't want to wake up Two.

Four didn't sit long as Roger came back out with a paper sack, tossing the bag in the middle of the chairs as he switched into drives. The gears ground a bit, startling Two awake as she looked around in terror, but quickly calmed down as she leaned back into Four.

"There's some burgers in the bag if you two are hungry." Roger replied as he casually drove through the night. Four could already smell the food as his mouth watered. He carefully reached into the sack and pulled out two of the lightly wrapped burgers, handing one of them to Two. She had a broad smile on her face as she unwrapped it, and took a little bite out of it. Within moments however she spit the food out and started crying.

"Two? What's wrong?" Four replied, looking at her burger. It looked perfectly fine.

"It tastes disgusting Four! Like- Like dirt or something!" Two replied, looking at the burger in disgust.

Four was shocked at this, and unwrapped his own, biting into it carefully. Meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato... The flavors danced on his tongue as more memories flood back to him. It was wonderful, and Four swallowed the food happily before replying,"This tastes just fine to me Two..." At that point however Four remembered Two's ability, and thought that she probably couldn't eat normally anymore,"Mmm, here, try this." Four grabbed her burger and pulled out only the burger, depositing the rest in the wrapping and held it out to her. Two grabbed it enthusiastically with her free hand, the burger disintegrating almost instantly. But she accidentally grabbed Four's hand as well in the process. Four winced in pain as parts of his fingers disintegrated, Two covering her mouth in shock.

"I'm sorry Four! I didn't mean to-" Two replied before being interrupted by Four,"No no, it's alright. See?" He waggled his fingers again, showing her that it had already repaired itself. All the while Roger just sat there, looking indifferent. On the inside however he was asking a lot of questions, but kept his main goal in mind.

Four continued eating his own food as he asked Roger,"So, where are we going?"

"Oh just to a place that helps people like you." Roger replied, smiling lightly.

"People like us?! So there's more!" Four replied excitedly, happy that they could both finally live normal lives.

"Mhmm, it's just a bit further up the road." Roger replied, pointing out the lights in the distance. They were quite beautiful, and Two pointed that out as well which made Four laugh a little. As they got closer, Four realized almost instantly that this was a town, and was happy to finally be in one again. The building that Roger mentioned was the first thing in town, a large white hospital. It reminded his of the facility at first, but Four knew better. Two apparently thought the same thing as she tensed up on his lap. Roger pulled into the parking lot as he stepped out of the truck, motioning for both of them to do so as well. Four unbuckled them as he stepped out, helping Two out as well as he grabbed her metal hand and followed Roger into the building. There were a lot of people inside the building, sitting, waiting, talking. It was quite loud in the building. Roger simply told them to sit down in the chairs in the room and wait, as he had to get them ready. Four didn't understand, but he did as he was told. After all, this man fed them, and drove them all the way here. He seemed more trustworthy then anyone they've known so far...

Roger was talking with the woman at the front desk, and occasionally looked over at Two and Four. Two appeared frightened of this place, as it was really loud, and there were so many people. A lot of them looked at both of them like they were strange, even though they were the ones in weird clothes. The process was apparently taking awhile, so Four grabbed a magazine that was there and flipped through it a bit. He didn't understand most of it, but a page caught his eye. It was the hospital they were in, with people in clothes like them standing in front of it. There was an ad below it.

"Several individuals in our facility are amnesia patients, and we try our best to help them remember their lives, but some of them sometimes get out, and for anyone who finds anyone who dresses like these people, and call themselves a number, please bring them by. We will pay you happily for your service."

Four's heart started to race as he looked at Roger. He was still talking. Could it be that they are these patients? That they're supposed to be in that place? It terrified Four, thinking he'd have to go back, and have to go through more pain... The thought was horrible...

"You know he's going to sell you right?" A familiar voice replied, making Two and Four lock up and look at the source of the voice. Sitting right next to them was a man that was a bit older then Four, with a pair of blue jeans and a white work shirt on. the shirt was untucked and the man had a cigarette in his lips, his mop of black hair blocking his eyes. The man sounded like the voice from the Pit!

"Who are you! Why did you follow us!" Four asked him, getting a lot of strange looks from the people around.

"I am not following, I am merely existing." The Voice replied, relaxing against the chair.

That made no sense to Four, and only angered him,"What do you mean?! I know you want to take us back! But I'm telling you right now, I'm NOT going back!" Everyone was staring at him by this point, even Two. She did not like it when he yelled.

"Trust no one Four. Not even me. But aside from that, they're coming. You should probably be running." The Voice replied as he stood, walking through a chair as he walked towards the door,"Just head out the door. After that is up to you."

A lot of questions were running through Four's head by this point, but this was no time for questions as he saw one of the men that tested on him running in his direction. Four instantly picked up Two and threw her over his shoulder as he ran out of the building as fast as he could. He finally realized that something was horribly wrong. All of the people he's seen out here look... Normal. What happened to Four that he should deserve such a fate! Why did people have to die, have to go through this much pain! Four just did not understand! He thought all this as he ran into the city. Where to...He had no idea. Four was running out of breath as he got deeper into the city, looking back to see that the men weren't following him. Two was scared as well, but she saw who was chasing them... She understood...

"So... The guy was a bad guy after all?" Two asked as her head was hung low, her locked hand still in Fours.

Four hung his head low as well as he sighed, quietly saying,"Yes... He betrayed our trust, and we almost paid for it... For now, we just need somewhere to sleep... Who knows what will happen tomorrow..." Many thoughts were rolling through Four's head now, all of them clashing together.

"What now? Will I be able to take care of us? What if we're caught? What if they hurt more people? Was it right to leave?" All this and more rolled through Fours head... It pained him almost as much as the memories of the surrounding area flooding back to him. He knew this place... Denver...

Two covered her mouth suddenly as a light scream escaped her lips. Four turned to see the Voice, his head sticking from an alley wall.

"Come down this alley and up the ladder. The open window will provide bed for the night." The Voice replied, walking from the wall and down the alley.

Four face twisted in anger as he replied,"What about you saying we can't trust you!"

The Voice just chuckled lightly as he turned his head back and replied simply,"You can't. Now come on." Four sighed deeply as he looked at Two. If it were just him, he would have said no... But he has Two with him... He needs to think about her safety. Both of them followed the Voice for some time before they both saw the ladder he had mentioned, as well as the open window. Two looked at her locked hand as she replied,"I can't climb with this on..."

Four was also too tired to carry her up... It would be too dangerous to anyway...

The Voice saw this though and simply touched the locks, and they fell off. Two looked astonished at this and looked at the Voice admiring what he just did,"Thank you Voice!" She replied, giving him a big smile. Four was also gaping at this, but shook his head. The Voice had powers too, that much was certain... With Two unlocked, both of them were able to climb up, and slip through the window. It looked like a hotel room, with two beds and a single bathroom. The Voice was already standing by the door,even though Four didn't see him move. By this point however he didn't question his power...

"You two sleep well." The Voice replied, quickly fading into nothingness. Two looked at Four, seeing that his face was hardened.

"It's okay Four, I think he's really nice. He even unlocked my hand for me! I think we can trust him." Two replied with a smile, looking around the room and walking to a drawer. Four felt she was right, but didn't want to take any chances... He went to one of the beds and sat down on it, thoughts rushing through his head before Two appeared in front of him, showing him a pair of socks.

"Look Four! I got an idea!" She replied, slipping a sock on each hand,"See! Now I wont hurt you with my power." She proved this by grabbing Fours hand. Her hands were so small, but were still warm.

Four just smiled as he replied,"That's a perfect idea Two. Now lets get to bed." Four picked Two up and brought her to the other bed, helping her under the foreign covers of the hotel room.

"Good night Four, see you in the morning." Two replied happily, turning away as she slipped comfortably into the covers. Four went to his bed as well, but had to sleep with clothes on now. Which was fine. Four didn't fall asleep right away though, as there was still much to be thought about. But one question was put above all others.

What now?

Word Count : 2014

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 5   09.02.11 12:51

More please Very Happy
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Chapter 5
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